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When trying to view current connections in Director, users receive: “Unexpected error. Check your network connection or view server event logs for further information.” CTX208236
When launching Director, users see the message, “Cannot retrieve the data. Data source unresponsive or reported an error. View Director server event logs for further information.” CTX208206
Install or Upgrade to Citrix Director 7.x Using Director .msi file CTX222476
With the release of XenDesktop Essentials, you can find out the Properties for a Citrix XenDesktop Essentials Resource. CTX221287
A session is launched automatically via Receiver for HTML5 instead of native (Windows/Linux) Receivers CTX221652
Linux XDPing tool updated for XenDesktop 7.13 CTX202015
Citrix QuickLaunch Tool article update with new screenshots and instructions. CTX219718
Citrix UPM Log Parser article update with new content CTX123005

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Configuring & Managing Alerts and Notifications Using Director Citrix Director: Configuring, Managing Alerts and Notifications
Interactive Session of Logon Duration in Citrix Director – Explained Citrix Director: Interactive Session of Logon Duration
Citrix Director: CPU, Memory Usage and Process Information Citrix Director: CPU, Memory Usage and Process Information
Obtain XenDesktop Custom Report Through Citrix Director Citrix Director: Obtain XenDesktop Custom Report
Citrix Director Features by Edition and Version Citrix Director: Features by Edition and Version
Proactive Troubleshooting & Predictive Trending with Director 7.7 Citrix Director 7.7: Proactive Troubleshooting & Predictive Trending
Where Did EdgeSight Go in Director 7.9? Citrix Director 7.9: EdgeSight Brand Missing
Logon Duration Improvements in Citrix Director Citrix Director: Logon Duration Improvements
Director 7.12: A Citrix Holiday Gift to XenApp & XenDesktop Administrators Citrix Director 7.12: New Features
Director 7.6 Failure Reasons Demystified  Citrix Director 7.6 Failure Reasons Troubleshooting Guide

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