Doesn’t have quite the same hook as the Bryan Adams hit, Summer of ’69, but Citrix Cloud is just as catchy as that ’80s classic. It’s been almost two years since we launched Citrix Workspace Cloud in the summer of 2015. We said back then that our partners were on the front line with customers, as they looked to move to cloud deployments.

While the name has since changed to Citrix Cloud, our position on the value partners bring to customers hasn’t changed. We still believe wholeheartedly that you — our partners — are, and will continue to be, the customer’s trusted advisor throughout their transition to the cloud.

With Citrix Cloud, you are in a position to elevate your strategic relationship with your customers by offering unique, industry-leading solutions leveraging its services. You understand your customers’ business needs and goals, so you can provide them with integrated and customized elements beyond the Citrix Cloud services targeted specifically for your customers’ desired business outcomes. You are best suited to offer the business technology consulting and expertise needed to optimize the end-to-end / finished solution, and Citrix Cloud is designed to help you do just that. It’s designed to enable a faster setup time and faster time to value so you can deliver solutions to customers in a timelier manner and increase the value of the services that you’re delivering.

Start walking in the ‘Cloud’

You may be thinking, “that’s great, but what about the investment my customers have already made in their on-prem Citrix infrastructure?” We thought about that, as well.

Available now until June 20, 2017, existing XenApp and XenDesktop customers with active Subscription Advantage, Software Maintenance, or Customer Success Services agreements can transition to the XenApp and XenDesktop Service or trade-up to the Workspace Service for as much as 70 percent off SRP. For more information about this promotion, check out the Transition and Trade-up Promotion page.

A huge advantage built into these offers is what we call Hybrid Rights — customers are licensed and supported on both their traditional Citrix software they already have and on their new Citrix Cloud services.

Looking to penetrate a market of customers who are new to Citrix?

We have a limited time offer targeted for new customers as well: the Citrix XenApp Services and XenDesktop Service Start Pack. This promotion offers 50% off the SRP of a 100 user/device package and it’s available in 1 to 3 year terms subscriptions. Like the Transition and Trade-up promo, this is only available until June 30, 2017.

If you want to get your hands on the solution and start using it internally, we have special pricing for a Partner Demo/Use 300-user pack. Start taking advantage of all the Citrix Cloud benefits and use the same solutions you sell to your customers! Contact your distributor or your Citrix Partner Account Manager for more pricing and SKUs.

Although we announced Citrix Cloud nearly two years ago, you may still have some questions about the Citrix Cloud platform and services. Within Citrix SalesIQ, we have a page dedicated to all the Citrix Cloud resources.

Reach out to your Citrix Account Manager if you have customers who are interested in transitioning the management of their virtual workspaces to the cloud.  Better yet, register your Citrix Cloud opportunities using the Leads & Rewards tool in the Sales tab of Partner Central. The sooner you register your opportunities, the sooner you’ll be able to take advantage of your Citrix Cloud incentives.

Who knows? After expanding your Citrix practice to include Citrix Cloud service, you may be singing about the summer of ’17 being the best days of your life!

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