A key Citrix hallmark has been our commitment to deliver secure access to apps and data on any device, and that’s why a lot of people who use Macs depend on XenApp and XenDesktop to get their work done. Our latest release of Citrix Receiver for Mac ensures our Apple devotees benefit from our latest innovations.

Receiver 12.5 for Mac is now available for download. This release includes significant changes in graphics rendering in order to support higher resolution displays. In addition, Receiver 12.5 for Mac now supports Adaptive Transport Technology which offers an enhanced user experience with improved performance and interactivity.

Improved Graphics Decoding & Rendering

H.264 is the standard choice of video codec with respect to quality and bandwidth consumption.

Receiver 12.5 for Mac now uses MacOS’s native Video Toolbox for H.264 decoding and OpenGL for graphics rendering, thereby taking advantage of MacOS’s native decoder to provide the best user experience possible.


All graphics intensive workloads like video playback or 3D applications are rendered smoothly with higher frames-per-second and with less CPU overhead. This is a very significant step towards improving HDX graphics in Receiver for Mac. These improvements can be experienced across HDX 3D Pro environments, Thinwire & Thinwire+ clients.

To use H.264 decoding, set the “Use Video codec for Compression” policy to the value “For entire screen” in your XenApp or XenDesktop site.

Read more about our Graphics Improvements here.

Support for Next Generation User Experience using Adaptive Transport

HDX Adaptive Transport Technology is a fully supported feature in XenApp and XenDesktop 7.13.

Receiver 12.5 for Mac is one of the first Citrix Receivers to embrace Adaptive Transport, thereby providing a smooth desktop-like experience even on a network with high latency and packet loss.

Watch here to see it in action with a VDI desktop over a WAN link.

Update your Mac to the latest release to make the best use of our new capabilities. Share your feedback with us in the comments section and also join the conversation in the Receiver for Mac Discussion Forum.

Note: Receiver for Windows 4.7 and Receiver for Mac 12.5 are not compatible with some  older versions of NetScaler. Please find the details of the issue as well as the solution at CTX221453