Why ShareFile is the best choice for modern document workflows vs Egnyte

As today’s organizations become increasingly mobile, information-centric, and collaborative, the need for a dependable, secure file sharing has become critical. Citrix ShareFile provides secure file sharing, storage, sync and more — all built for business. Recognized by Gartner as a Leader in the File Synchronization and Sharing market for three years running, ShareFile is an essential part of the Citrix commitment to security, mobility, and the cloud.

With ShareFile, users can access and share documents with a single app, even if those files are stored in many places, such as the company network, in the cloud or in many clouds. Organizations can use ShareFile to connect to and share from Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, or network file shares. Granular security settings and DLP integration help to address the most stringent corporate data policies and compliance requirements.

This post highlights five reasons to choose Citrix ShareFile over Egnyte for key business file sharing, collaboration, and workflow use cases. The focus is on the following areas:

  1. ShareFile supports secure document workflows with built-in feedback, approval, and collaboration features
  2. ShareFile is optimized for the unique requirements of virtualized desktops
  3. ShareFile offers true Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration with leading vendors
  4. ShareFile is a good value
  5. ShareFile allows native mobile file editing from iOS, Android, Windows, and more

Reason #1: ShareFile supports secure document workflows with built-in feedback, approval, and collaboration features

Exchanging files is at the core of how things get done in most organizations. Sending documents internally and externally for approvals and signatures is common when managing contracts, onboarding employees, approving work orders, doing performance reviews, and many other tasks. Citrix ShareFile allows you to solicit feedback, request approvals even get electronic signatures with a single offering. With ShareFile, you can effortlessly track feedback and approvals in real time and eliminate tedious email threads by setting a due date so there are no more missed deadlines.

Reason #2: ShareFile is optimized for the unique requirements of virtualized desktops

More than 100 million people use virtualization products like Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp, and are benefiting from the increased flexibility and security that virtualization provides. ShareFile is the only file sync-and-sharing solution on the market that is optimized for the unique requirements of virtualized environments. ShareFile reduces storage needs in the datacenter and increases network performance by allowing ShareFile to be mapped as a network drive through ShareFile Drive Mapper. ShareFile Drive Mapper supports Citrix, Microsoft, and VMWare environments, allowing simple, quick setup and a consolidated view of storage resources.

Reason #3: ShareFile offers true MDM integration with leading vendors

With the explosive increase in the percentage of workers who conduct business from their smartphones, it is critical to have file sharing that integrates with your organization’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. Tight integration between file sharing and MDM is essential to ensure the same level of data and device management security across the organization and across endpoint types. ShareFile is included with XenMobile Enterprise and has integration not only with XenMobile, but also with Microsoft Intune and MobileIron to ensure customers can use the MDM solution that fits their business.

Reason #4: ShareFile is a good value

Customers can purchase ShareFile standalone or bundled with other Citrix products like XenMobile or Citrix Workspace Suite to fulfill extended mobility or virtualization use cases. In every case, ShareFile includes Microsoft Active Directory Integration, unlimited end user clients, premium security features such as Information Rights Management, DLP integration, encrypted email, reporting and auditing, and connectors to SharePoint, Office365, network shares, Documentum, and others. There are no extra fees for administrative tools, such as audit reports, two-step authentication, Active Directory integration or Single Sign On.

Reason #5: ShareFile allows native mobile file editing from iOS, Android, Windows, and more

Employees carry an average of three devices daily and they expect to be able to access, edit and share those files regardless of which device they are on at any given time. ShareFile allows people to get to their files, where and when they need them. The ShareFile app is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices to help users securely access, share, request and even edit files from anywhere. Egnyte offers a browser- based editor and users needing mobile editing must rely on third-party solutions. This impacts the user experience and exposes mobile user content to potential security threats.


Citrix ShareFile is a key part of the Citrix strategy of delivering secure apps and data in a way that gives organizations the choice about how they want to manage their data. Citrix continues to invest in robust and flexible hybrid cloud solutions, and continued investments in ShareFile will ensure that it remains a leader in the file sharing and document workflow category.

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