We are excited to announce another milestone in Citrix Cloud. This week, customers can start using Delegated Administration to assign different level of access for Citrix Cloud administrators.

We understand Citrix administrators need different levels of access in order to securely manage Citrix Cloud. This is one of the features in high demand from our customers. Just a few of the requests we’ve heard from customers include:

  • Help desk role for XenApp and XenDesktop Service
  • Service specific admins (access to manage one cloud service but not another)
  • Restricted access to partner admins
  • Read only administrators

Citrix Cloud Delegated Administration aims to enable these use cases and more. With this new platform feature released, you can begin leveraging this feature to control access to select areas of the Citrix Cloud UI. Here’s how!

Enabling Custom Access for a Citrix Cloud Administrator

To use this new functionality, an existing administrator must have Full Access.

  1. Sign in to Citrix Cloud. (Or, if you haven’t already, sign up today!)
  2. Navigate to the “Identity and Access Management” page.


  1. Click on the “Administrators” tab.


  1. Find the administrator you’d like to set Custom access to, and click on the “…” symbol to get the different actions available for this administrator. Click on “Edit Access”.


  1. Choose between Full access and Custom access to set the right level of permitted access for the selected administrator.


  1. For example – if you want to give an administrator access to only Domains, select “Custom access”, then deselect “Notifications” and “Resource Locations”.


This is what the administrator with Custom access will see when they log back in to Citrix Cloud:


To sum up…

The ability of setting different levels of access for Citrix Cloud Administrators provides a significant improvement in the security, manageability, and user experience for admins. We understand the importance of the use cases listed above and look forward to extending support for those use cases and other access levels in the near future. This is just the beginning of the role based access control feature set for Citrix Cloud.

We encourage all Citrix Cloud customers to begin leveraging this feature and sharing their feedback on the access models needed for their business.