Welcome to the fourth (and final) entry in our mini-series highlighting the new features in XenServer 7.1.

For those who missed the first three installments, here’s a recap of the topics we’ve covered thus far:

Our last entry focuses on support for Nutanix®, as well as maintenance and upkeep of a XenServer virtualized environment, including streamlined platform updating, live-patching, and Long-Term Support Release (LTSR), all of which were heavily driven by customer demand.


Beginning with XenServer 7.1, XenApp and XenDesktop customers can now enjoy the flexibility, management and cost-savings benefits provided by Nutanix® HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) appliances while leveraging XenServer’s unique and extensive capabilities to maximize the value of their application and desktop delivery solutions.

Next, we have streamlined platform updating. When we say, “streamlined,” we’re referring to simplifying the process by which a XenServer environment (host or pool) is updated. Specifically, customers are now able to install multiple fixes simultaneously and apply them all with a single reboot.



In addition to being more efficient, this process satisfies any dependencies amongst fixes automatically by ensuring they are installed in the proper order. With streamlined updating, keeping XenServer up-to-date has never been so easy!

7.1 also includes the ability to update Windows VM drivers automatically through integration with Microsoft Windows Update Services.

Deployed in both the enterprise and the cloud, having the ability to patch a live host without incurring any downtime is at the top of our customers’ priorities list. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the XenServer engineering team, Citrix is proud to announce that live-patching is now available to our customers. With this capability, IT administrators no longer have to scratch their heads trying to figure out how to minimize downtime whenever patching is necessary. After receiving a notification that a patch is available, admins. can apply the patch in real-time, knowing their systems will continue to run without a blip and without any impact on performance. For customers who operate in business- and mission-critical environments, having the ability to live-patch their hosting infrastructure is nothing short of nirvana!

Last, but certainly not least, is the recent announcement regarding Long-Term Support. Beginning with 7.1, XenServer dates for EOL and EOM will be aligned with those of XenApp/XenDesktop LTSR, reassuring our customers that XenServer will be fully supported for the next 10 years while reaffirming Citrix’s commitment to making XenServer the industry’s ideal platform for hosting (and optimizing) Citrix application, desktop and data delivery solutions.

In sum, v7.1 offers significant enhancements along with new and exciting features that give our customers even more reasons to love XenServer!

Until my next article!