A comment I often hear when talking to enterprises is that they want to expand the number of employees that use virtual applications and desktops. And why not? After all, these solutions increase security, simplify IT, and allow employees to work from anywhere. But network problems, such as latency, poor quality connections or lack of bandwidth, can prevent employees in some branch offices from being able to take advantage of these benefits.

Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN is a great option for these companies and the word is starting to get out! I was  excited to read this recent customer story and learn about how Rehab Management started using NetScaler SD-WAN last year, enabling them to expand their XenDesktop virtual Windows operation to regional offices where it wasn’t feasible before.

Beyond improving the quality of their WAN connections, Rehab Management is taking advantage of other great NetScaler SD-WAN features. For example, by replacing its MPLS connections with ADSL, the company had 10 times the amount of bandwidth at a fraction of the cost. And with the NetScaler SD-WAN zero touch service, they can quickly expand their deployment and add new locations to their network.

These features are particularly crucial to Rehab Management, which is focused on providing high quality and expeditious rehabilitation services to help their patients get back to work while simultaneously meeting their employee demands for workplace flexibility. By using NetScaler SD-WAN to resolve connectivity issues and expand the amount of bandwidth available, they’ve been able to improve the quality of service provided to their patients and increase the mobility of the workforce. What a great example of NetScaler SD-WAN and XenDesktop working together to support the changing nature of work and the reinvention of the healthcare branch.

Without Citrix, we don’t have an IT system. Without an IT system, we don’t have a business.

Actually, Boris Kotevski, National IT Manager, from Rehab Management says it perfectly, “Rehab Management has traditionally been a strong workplace rehabilitation player, and if we’re going to fulfill our business objective of becoming the market leader, we’ll continue to do more with Citrix when it comes to technology and innovation. Without Citrix we don’t have an IT system. Without an IT system, we don’t have a business.”

“MPLS is the old way of providing corporate interoffice connectivity – it is slow to provision, slow to react to the pace of business and prohibitively expensive,” said Boris Kotevski, National IT Manager. “NetScaler SD-WAN allows our business to immediately dial-up and down network speeds, which provides bandwidth to support new technologies and allows us to reallocate IT operations budget towards more critical initiatives.”