At Citrix, we’re continuing our innovations on managing and delivering a unified experience across different devices.

Citrix Profile Management is the simplest and most powerful profile roaming solution out there. It keeps user profiles in a central, managed location –while maintaining a fast and dependable profile handling. Citrix Profile Management supports the latest Windows operating system, with Windows 10 as the focused platform.

Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft Windows OS, and Microsoft has packed it with many innovations. These innovations include not only a new desktop environment with a freshly designed start menu, but they also come with an investment into a highly dependable and secure system. Those changes benefit all Microsoft users, so we made sure Citrix Profile Management is also aligned with these innovations. File type association and the start menu are two typical use case examples for Citrix Profile Management 5.7 using Windows 10.

File type associate

Default application preferences for file types is one important system configuration that users want to retain when logging into different desktop or virtual application sessions. For example, on Windows 10, Microsoft recommends to use Edge as the default web browser; however, some business applications may require legacy plugins, which can only run on Internet Explorer. In this case, end users may want to change the default browser to Internet Explorer, and this change should be retained every time they login to different virtual sessions.

Citrix Profile Management has fine-grain control over configuring the system registry. We’ve updated file type associations to default apps programmatically; however, with Windows 10 enhanced system behavior, it prevents any 3rd party program from updating default apps. Therefore, we’ve adjusted our design in Citrix Profile Management to help users roam all default app settings.

The video below shows file type association roaming between two different desktop sessions. You can follow along with the configuration in the video and apply it to your own use case.

Start menu

Start menu is another area that can generate issues that could affect user experience. We noticed, in some cases, users have issues with start menu stability. The Citrix Profile Management development team works closely with Microsoft to address those issues, and with version 5.7, you will have a lesser chance of running into these issues as the start menu will be more stable. Here’s a complete list of fixed issues in Citrix Profile Management 5.7.

We also recommend that you update your Microsoft OS to the latest version to ensure overall system stability.

One area that is still a challenge is start menu layout roaming. Unfortunately, as of today, Microsoft cannot support layout roaming, so you may still run into layout missing issues when you roam between different virtual machines. Click here for more information from Microsoft.

Citrix Profile Management will continue to improve your user experience on any Windows platform. Download XenApp/XenDesktop 7.13 to experience our exciting new capabilities.