OK, so that’s not exactly what Tip O’Neill said. He said “All politics is local”, but, seeing as he and I are just two Irish guys from Boston I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me taking some liberties with his quote. And just like that little bit of American political trivia, you may have also missed the release of the latest episode of “TechTalks To Go” with Citrix Lead Architect William Charnell on Local Host Cache.

If you are a fan of fault tolerance then this episode is tailor-made for you.

If you are proficient in earlier versions of XenApp you may have experienced “connection leasing” as a form of maintaining continuity in the face of disruption. And as good as that was, local host cache is even better. I know what you’re thinking: that would be like taking a Hostess Twinkie, filling it with peanut butter and dipping it in chocolate. Why don’t you take a second and let that goodness sink in.

Local host cache is a feature introduced in XenApp 7.12 and is a way to maintain high availability even when the connection to the central zone or database is disrupted. By storing certain bits of the database information in the local, well, host cache at the secondary site’s delivery controller then employees keep their sessions or even make new sessions during an interruption.

In this episode, William takes through the benefits, configuration and even any limitations of local host cache. And of course, he plays the good sport during our fast-paced “rapid fire” segment that we feature in every episode.

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Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to the store and get more Twinkies, peanut butter and chocolate.

Feature image courtesy of Christian Cable on flickr.