The release of Linux VDA 7.13 is here, and yes, it supports seamless apps.

Delivering Linux apps to any device has never been easier.

Now, you can publish Linux applications in Citrix Studio and access them from any device, just like a local app. In addition, Linux VDA 7.13 supports easy installation and configuration of Linux VDA, client IME support, enhanced visibility in HDX insight for Linux VDA and support for HDX 3D Pro for Linux on non-NVIDIA Grid cards as a tech preview capability.

Seamless apps

Citrix customers are able to publish Linux apps in Citrix Studio in the same way they publish Windows apps. In case of a Linux-only environment, app publishing is the most cost-effective solution to deploy. Many customers are taking advantage of this capability by publishing Linux apps on XenApp —   especially the browser, which runs their web apps. Now, seamless apps support takes the experience to the next level where the each remote app opens in its own window and can be managed like a local app even on Windows or Mac endpoints. You can use the apps, as if they were running locally and switch between them with ease. Learn more about the Linux app publishing from the documentation.


Easy install

Installing and configuring the Linux VDA manually can be complex for a new Citrix administrator, as it involves Linux-specific configurations, joining the machine to the AD domain and Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop knowledge. The good news is that Citrix has taken the feedback from our customers and worked on an easy install script, which reduces the install and configuration time significantly, making it simple. The easy install script helps you set up the running environment of the Linux VDA by installing the necessary packages and customizing the configuration files automatically. For more information on easy install, refer the documentation.

Below is the support matrix for easy install script with Linux VDA 7.13:



SSSD Centrify
RHEL 6.6 Yes Yes Yes
6.8 Yes Yes Yes
7.2 Yes Yes Yes
CentOS 6.8 Yes Yes Yes
7.2 Yes Yes Yes
Ubuntu 16.04 Yes Yes Yes
SUSE 12.1 Yes No Yes


HDX Insight support

HDX Insight enables IT to deliver an exceptional user experience by providing unprecedented end-to-end visibility into the Citrix HDX traffic that passes through the NetScaler or SDWAN application networking fabric.

This release of the Linux VDA enables more metrics in HDX Insight like WAN latency, DC latency and Bandwidth.


Support for client IME

Double-byte characters (such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters) must be typed through an Input Method Editor (IME). The Client IME provides a way to type such characters by means of IME that works with Citrix Receiver on the endpoint. This capability enables customers to increase the footprint of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop in their environment. For more information for Client IME support, refer to the documentation.

Tech preview – HDX 3D Pro on non-NVIDIA Grid cards

Citrix HDX 3D Pro technology on the Linux VDA is leveraged by customers for accessing their Linux 3D graphics applications delivered by XenDesktop from the backend infrastructure with vGPU or GPU pass through for NVIDIA Grid cards. This technology is optimized on NVIDIA Grid cards with efficient frame capture and hardware encoding.

In addition, Citrix has enabled the delivery of the 3D graphics application for non-NVIDIA Grid cards. This allows the use of any GPU on the host as vGPU, GPU pass-through or physical GPU for the application rendering, and the delivery of the application to the endpoint is not tied to the GPU on the host. This technology option is generic and provides more flexibility to the IT administrator, unblocking the adoption of the Linux VDA for Linux 3D applications.

This is an experimental feature now in Linux VDA 7.13, which can be enabled for testing. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Deploy the new Linux VDA 7.13 in your environment today and let us know how it works for you!