Each year, Citrix experts pull together their thoughts on the technology changes they expect in the coming year, and 2017 is no exception.

From Security, to the Future of Work, to Cloud, to Workspace IoT and Productivity, Citrix luminaries looked back at the key trends that shaped 2016 and offered their thoughts on the emerging technologies that will drive the industry forward in 2017. They touched on how these trends will influence the Future of Work by discussing a variety of topics:

  • Changing IT skill set
  • IoT security
  • Rise of SD-WAN and ransomware
  • DevOps as an enabler of IoT
  • New Year’s security resolutions and more

Hear what our experts — Stan Black, Christian Reilly, Chris Witeck, Jeff Sanderson, Steve Shah, Florin Lazurca, Chanel Chambers, Donna Johnson, Adrian Phillips, and Calvin Hsu — think about what’s to come this year in IT.

“Businesses around the world increasingly depend on tech to provide a competitive advantage, and business executives see IT as an important resource to fuel revenue, growth, streamline operations, and reduce costs,” said Calvin Hsu, vice president, Citrix Product Marketing. “It’s a tremendous opportunity for IT executives and managers to show how new applications and initiatives can improve both the top line and bottom line business results. But to capitalize on this opportunity, they must embrace the new skills and mindset they will need to be successful.”

A new era of digital reinvention begins with the workspace of the future, which is changing how, when, and where work happens. The workspace of the future meets the needs of today and adapts to every change—even the ones we can’t predict.

Stick with Citrix into 2017 and beyond. Together, we’ll push the limits of possibility.