Share your thoughts & win awesome prizes!

Have you explored the Citrix Ready Marketplace? Have you had an awesome experience with Citrix Ready verified products? We would love to hear it because… YOUR OPINION MATTERS!

It’s your turn to be the critic and put your experience into words to win cool prizes. Citrix Ready brings to you the Write a Review Contest 2017 — everyone is invited to participate.

Get creative and write product reviews about the Citrix Ready verified solutions listed on the Citrix Ready Marketplace. Your insightful views and comments would help first-time visitors to the Marketplace learn about and find value in the Citrix Ready verified offerings. Visit the contest page here for more information.

Get going now. Review, Recommend & Win! Winners will be notified via email provided in the review form. The contest closes February 28, 2017.


Whether you are a Citrix customer or a partner, or an employee, you are invited to participate in the ‘Write a Review’ contest and post your comments. Please read the Contest Terms and Conditions.

To Participate in the Contest…

Visit the Citrix Ready Marketplace and browse through the various product categories. Navigate to the product(s) you wish to review and click the ‘Write a Review’ button to get started on the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

Here’s How to Submit a Review…


When you submit your review, your name will automatically be entered into the contest for a chance to win Amazon Gift Card worth $20 and other big prizes.

Note: You must ensure the contact information filled in the form is valid and complete. Citrix employees must use their Citrix email ID while writing reviews to help us track the submissions.

And the Rewards are…


Win the Citrix Ready ‘Most Voted Product’ title!

If you are a Citrix Ready partner, you too can grab this opportunity to get noticed and showcase and promote your impeccable line of Citrix Ready verified offerings. Citrix Ready provides you the platform to do this via the ‘Citrix Ready Marketplace Write a Review Contest’.

To earn the coveted Citrix Ready ‘Most Voted Product’ title, we encourage you to promote your Citrix Ready products to gain reviews on your Citrix Ready Marketplace profiles. Motivate and excite your customers and users to share their experiences and recommend your products listed on the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

The Citrix Ready product which garners the maximum number of reviews will be announced the winner of the “Most Voted Product” title. For any specific contest related queries, reach out to us at

So why wait, Get Started now & Win prizes! Contest closes on 28th February, 2017!

For any specific contest related queries, please write to us.