Citrix Ready Partner Pavilion is on a journey to enable digital transformation in healthcare by modernizing systems, improving application accessibility and enhancing clinician productivity and mobility. Join at HIMSS 2017 to find out how we are achieving this, together with our key partner technologies.

Optimal information management can often be a challenge for healthcare institutions and this can further impact the day-to-day operations of an organization. At Citrix Ready, we are partnering with key technology companies to enable healthcare institutions improve their IT infrastructure and offer optimal patient care. Citrix Ready solutions for the healthcare vertical are technologies that have undergone rigorous testing to ensure compatibility with Citrix products and provide clinicians with seamless, instant and secure access to patient information. In addition, this helps users access data anytime, anywhere, get simplified app delivery and boosts mobility of IT without compromising data security and compliance.


We are proud to host IGEL at our pavilion! Here’s what they’d be showcasing at the booth.

In healthcare, better user productivity translates to better patient care. That’s why IGEL has spent decades perfecting their endpoint management software and why they’re continually supporting the technologies that are critical to healthcare professionals. From embedded support for single sign-on to secure roaming and data protection, they believe in giving users a familiar, secure and trouble-free environment.

When you’re considering IT infrastructure solutions, you’ll find that IGEL focuses on delivering endpoint management software that automatically meets the healthcare industry’s most critical needs.

At the Citrix Ready Pavilion, learn:

How IGEL’s endpoint management software lets you convert any x86 device and control every PC from one easy-to-manage platform. Faster rollouts, seamless integration with best in breed technology, IGEL’s desktop virtualization software instantly works in your preferred environment.

We will also be showcasing a key customer story around our joint solution, at the Citrix Theater. So, walk up to Citrix booth 2623 on Wednesday, Feb 22 at 12:30 pm for a presentation by IGEL.

Do check out our microsite to learn more. And, don’t forget to meet us at booth 2914!