At HIMSS 2017, witness how Citrix Ready partner solutions are helping healthcare institutions achieve digital transformation. Together, Citrix and partner technologies help in modernizing systems, improving application accessibility and enhancing clinician productivity and mobility.

Through the Citrix Ready program, our partner technologies enable healthcare institutions to improve information management and offer optimal patient care. Citrix Ready solutions for the healthcare vertical enhance the IT infrastructure so clinicians get seamless, instant and secure access to patient information and hence provide better care. In addition, this makes it simpler to provide anytime, anywhere access to data, convenient app delivery as well as mobility of IT. And, all this without compromising data security and compliance.


We are proud to host HealthCast Inc. at our pavilion! Here’s what they’d be showcasing at the booth.

In addition to fast and secure access to any application in local, published and VDI environments, Citrix customers will gain the benefits of:

  • Support for numerous Citrix releases and versions, including Fast Connect 3 API; Receiver through 4.6; Storefront 3.7.x; CWI and NetScaler Gateway; and XenApp and Xen Desktop
  • Explicit, generic, and anonymous published applications presented in the same Windows desktop, including non-domain sessions
  • A consistent user experience with each XenDesktop session regardless of location or access device
  • Minimal footprint on Citrix Infrastructure and fewer resources with HealthCast’s stateless architecture

At the Citrix Ready Pavilion, learn:

How to get quick, secure access to kiosk and explicit desktops. Single Sign On from devices not managed by the enterprise – BYOD, Remote Present explicit, generic, and anonymous published applications in the same desktop session.

We will also be showcasing a key customer story around our joint solution, at the Citrix Theater. Catch HealthCast Inc. present a joint customer story on Monday, Feb 20 at 1:00 pm in the Citrix Theater (booth 2623).

Do check out our microsite to learn more. And, don’t forget to meet us at booth 2914!