The Year in Review

Citrix Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

Happy New Year, fellow techies! 2016 was a big year for Citrix, and that was shown with crystalline clarity on our blog this year. We published 1,161 blog posts that saw nearly 6 million page views.


1) Our top post of the year — and by no small margin — came from Citrix CMO, Tim Minahan. Say YES to Digital Business Transformation garnered more than 66,384 page views and made the case that the future of business was to move away from traditional IT infrastructure and toward a cloud-first strategy. “By 2020, there will be over 50 billion smart connected devices in the world. The volume of business data will double in the next year. And every day, your average employee is engaging with 5.53 apps across 3 (or more) devices.”


2) Next, we had Driving Digital Transformation, presented by our then newly minted CEO, Kirill Tatarinov. With nearly 32,958 page views (as of this writing), Kirill laid the groundwork for Digital Business Transformation and for blazing a trail toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which the organizations that leverage digital technologies to redefine business and IT processes will be significantly more productive – and in turn, more competitive.

slow logon

3) In February, Manjunatha Gali (along with Niron Koren, CEO of Citrix Ready Partner ControlUp) brought us Troubleshooting XenDesktop Slow Logons with HDX Data. With 30,759 page views, this post was a short follow-up to a previous entry on Troubleshooting Slow Logons and includes an updated script about new logon phases and and that covered the entire Citrix XenDesktop logon process.


4) In May, on Day 1 of Citrix Synergy, Marc Trouard-Riolle published XenServer 7 Has Landed!— a post that saw nearly 30,000 page views since its publication. XenServer 7 was, to date, this group’s most important product update; Marc’s post outlined (in bold style) all of the groundbreaking updates.


5) One of the biggest pieces of news for Citrix in 2016 was our strengthened partnership with Microsoft. In August, Dan Cote of Citrix Workspace Services group, brought us Watch On Demand – Citrix and Microsoft: Making Cloud Simpler, Business Faster, which outlined our live event with Microsoft’s Brad Anderson, talked about the trends driving digital transformation, as well as groundbreaking new services for securely delivering apps and Windows 10 desktops from Azure, and why the Citrix and Microsoft partnership is stronger than ever.


6) September brought more big news for Citrix: Gartner named Citrix a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers for the tenth year in a row! Michael Leonard, one of the smart folks in our Software Defined Networking group, brought us the story (along with 26,170 page views!) in Citrix Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers…Again!


7) and 8 and 9, too! THREE of our top posts of the year came from the XenApp & XenDesktop team, which brought not one, not two, not three, but FOUR updates to Citrix industry-leading virtualization platform (a true testament to the pace of innovation here at Citrix). These posts, written by Allen Furmanski and Carisa Stringer, saw more than 75,000 page views altogether. You can read about the latest update — XenApp & XenDesktop 7.12 — right here.

Raspberry Pi

10) Finally, in May, Chris Fleck — Vice President of Emerging Solutions here at Citrix — brought us news of an industry disrupting bit of tech … that you can get for less than $100! Low-Cost Desktop Virtualization is as Easy as Citrix HDX Ready Pi (which had more than 20,000 page views) provides a true PC-like experience, and Raspberry Pi has achieved a breakthrough in hardware price/performance. We have many early adopter customers already piloting or using the Raspberry Pi with Citrix. What was missing is a full stack solution, reloaded and supported, ready for IT, but now HDX Ready Pi has all that and more.

We’re proud of what we do here at the Citrix Blog and proud to provide a showcase for the brilliant work being done by our developers, engineers, product teams (not to mention our executives and designers and marketers). 2016 was a banner year for the Citrix Blog and for our products. Looking at the pace of innovation (which is ever on the increase) here, our blog will see lots more action in 2017 and beyond.

Happy New Year to each and every Citrite and to each and every one of our readers — let’s raise our glasses to another big year of mind-blowing tech and elegant innovation. Cheers!

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