With dozens of complicated print architectures available, it is not far fetched to say printing issues have kept many IT admins awake at night. Although Citrix and its advanced VDI technology addresses the basic use cases, debugging print issues in a Citrix environment is difficult and causes numerous stability issues if it is not set up properly.

IT professional can’t afford to spend their days fixing or dealing with a Citrix printing issue if it occurs periodically and there is a high demand for a one-stop solution. This is expected as organizations today constantly function in a fast paced and volatile environment and despite all the advancements in VDI technology, printing still remains a critical function within many industries. Organizations need to have an optimized printing infrastructure that enables secure printing from anywhere, anytime and any device.

In order to address these dynamic working scenarios and enhance employee productivity, UniPrint Infinity allows you to work seamlessly with your existing Citrix environment and provide the security and management of your printing setup. The idea behind the product is to seamlessly enhance workflow and productivity.

Below, we will go over 5 of the top reasons why companies are choosing UniPrint Infinity as one of the best Citrix printing solutions to get the most from their environment.

VPQ for Simplicity and Security

By printing to UniPrint Infinity’s VPQ (virtual print queue) and releasing print jobs through UniPrint’s printer vendor agnostic vPADs, printer mapping and driver management is “a thing of the past” for systems administrators.

Unlike other secure print and release devices, UniPrint’s vPad is developed as a one-to-multiple-printer’s device versus one-to-one. This industry-first and only vPads feature dual security via 256-bit encryption and two-factor user-authentication. In addition, our Statistics and Archiving module provides print tracking and archiving for additional security and regulatory compliance.

Mobile and Cloud Printing

UniPrint Infinity’s Mobile Printing feature allows users who are not part of the corporate Active Directory, e.g. guest users or contractors, to print any documents as attachments to any printers with an e-mail address and equips any mobile users – the ability to print natively and securely from their iOS, OS X, Chrome OS and Android devices’.

For remote locations and cloud users, the UniPrint vPAD eliminates the need for print servers and can be deployed securely through UniPrint’s communication TCP port 999 without using VPNs.

PDF Print Compression and Enhanced Workflow

UniPrint’s PDF based Universal Printer Driver compresses print spool files up to 95% and offers speedy print performance for remote end users. Based on a UniPrint customer experience, a 100-page word document with UniPrint reduced their printing time from 4 minutes plus to 28 seconds.

UniPrint Infinity’s PrintPAL and Smart Route Modules also ensure all printers follow the users including some enterprise applications which print to designated printers.  This effectively ensures uninterrupted workflow and improves overall worker productivity.

High Availability

UniPrint Infinity’s High Availability Module eliminates any single point of failure in a Citrix printing environment ensuring maximum printing uptime. With the additional capability of load balancing and full redundancy, companies have experienced printing that remains fast and available in any enterprise Citrix environment.

Freedom & Control  

The need for printing freedom and control that saves on costs, increases productivity, and adds on-demand security has never been higher. UniPrint Infinity gives its users full freedom and control on where to print and how they want to release their print jobs through our vPad print appliances, embedded VPQ connectors on MFPs and on iOS & Android mobile apps.

UniPrint Infinity’s Printer Profiler also enables IT administrators to create specific profiles per printer.  These profiles can contain a single or group of default and special settings which can be applied when a user prints. Advanced features of multifunction printers (MFPs) such as stapling and hole-punching are captured in a profile and applied at print. In effect, Printer Profiler allows UniPrint Infinity customers to move to a universal printer driver solution without losing these printer properties.

UniPrint Infinity is Citrix Ready Verified and is a complete enterprise print and output management solution for any computing environment. Based on UniPrint’s patented PDF-based Universal Printer Driver and powered by its Virtual Print Infrastructure, UniPrint Infinity simplifies print management across different platforms, offices and geographies, helping to improve worker productivity and collaboration and reduce printing costs.

What customers are saying…

“It is a popular misconception that printing is an easy process. To have an optimized secure printing network that allows productivity but at the same time makes employees consider the impact of printing and whether it is needed is actually really difficult to achieve. We do feel we have been able to address this by deploying a secure and flexible print solution through UniPrint.” — Crispin O’Connell, CTO of the Welsh Government