Now that Christmas is behind us, maybe Italy’s panettone producers can take a little breather (because they have been working around the clock, flat-out for as long as they can remember).

The country’s traditional Christmas treat has become popular around the world as a light and fluffy alternative to the dense, dark fruitcakes of northern Europe —demand this year was higher than ever.

One of Italy’s favourite bakers, Bauli, sells over 15 million panettones and pandoros (another popular Christmas treat) each year. During the holidays, its network of depots and warehouses work around the clock to supply Italy and the world with its cakes and 170 other products (in addition to panettone, the company also sells 180 million croissants each year)!

Luckily, Bauli’s four manufacturing sites and 27 distribution centres use Citrix technology, so that staff can always access the latest information and perform real-time analysis on production, stock and distribution data. Staff have secure, mobile access too, so they can keep an eye on deliveries wherever they are, even warming their toes by the fire.

Santa would be quite jealous.

But, what would Ruggero Bauli say? He survived one of the biggest Italian battles of the First World War, and being shipwrecked penniless off the Brazilian coast, before returning to found his bakery company in his home town of Verona. We think he rather would like the idea of his cakes being shipped around the world, nearly one hundred years later.

You can read about how Citrix helped Bauli manage the complexity of successive acquisitions and seamlessly connect its network of locations, here

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