Citrix XenMobile enhances Android for Work security and management and provides a better experience for administrators and end-users.

Android for Work (AfW) was introduced by Google in 2015 to provide enterprises with the ability to better secure and manage their apps and data on Android end points. Android is one of the most popular smartphone operating systems in the world. The Introduction of AfW has increased Android popularity in security conscious enterprises.

AfW builds on the security inherent in the Android operating system. One central security aspect is the AfW profile, encrypted with the Advanced Encryption Standard, which allows applications and their data to be contained securely at-rest.

It also enables IT to securely manage enterprise apps with the Google Play for Work store. In order to manage app delivery into AfW profiles, as well as other aspects of security, Google developed the concept of a device policy controller or (DPC) to be provided through established Enterprise Mobility Management or (EMM) providers.

Citrix, a market-leading EMM provider, supports AfW. It complements AfW by coordinating aspects of profile management which Google intended, but also adds additional features to enhance AfW overall security and management.

Watch this video to learn how Citrix XenMobile:

  • Supports Android for Work by coordinating aspects of profile management
  • Adds additional features to enhance Android for Work overall security and management
  • Offers a great experience for administrators and end users

Google and Citrix are united by a common vision of a Mobile Workspace which securely unites apps, data and services on any device over any network and cloud.  Citrix XenMobile delivers that vision, with Android for Work, by complimenting products and services that Google provides.

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