In a traditional on-premises XenDesktop deployment, the multitude of monitoring options give IT admins great flexibility, but can also make monitoring more complex. This is especially true when determining which components should be monitored and how to respond to an issue.

With the Citrix Cloud XenApp and XenDesktop Service, much of that complexity shifts from the IT admin to the Citrix Cloud Global Operations Team. This dedicated operations team preemptively monitors several components of a customer’s deployment. When an issue is detected, our team is immediately notified. The notification includes a root cause analysis that allows the operations team to quickly investigate and resolve the issue.

Citrix built our monitoring tools with our customer in mind. For that reason, many of the tests that we perform are invoked from over 60 locations across the globe. This is vital because monitoring tools should be isolated from the environment being tested. This allows us to have more confidence that our service is available by anyone, anywhere, on any device. Below are a few of these tests to give you some insight into what a monitoring service can do.

XaXd Monitoring

Cloud-Hosted StoreFront Availability

Cloud-hosted storefront for each customer is included with the XenApp and XenDesktop Service. We ensure that the URL can resolve, that the page can render, and that our customers can access their apps and data. If Cloud StoreFront was unavailable, and the customer did not have their own on-premises StoreFront, then session launch would not be possible because users would be unable to see their offerings. We treat this as a high priority outage because session launch would not be possible.

Broker XML Services

Functional Broker XML Services are required for our customer to be able to enumerate their available offerings within StoreFront and we constantly check that these services are up and running. Without these services, end users would be able to login into StoreFront, but they would not see any offerings enumerated. We treat this as a high-priority outage because session launch would not be possible.

Customer Site Availability

The customer site must be reached for:

  • Session launch
  • Accessing Studio and Director within Citrix Cloud
  • Configuration through Citrix Remote PowerShell SDK

If the customer’s site cannot be reached, these things would not would not be possible. Because session launch would not be possible, we treat this as a high priority outage.

Through using the XenApp and XenDesktop Service, customers can easily take advantage of the monitoring tools outlined above as soon as they are on-boarded to the service.

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