Citrix digital workspaces, secure business productivityCitrix customers use a digital workspace for anytime, anywhere access to secure apps, data and desktops. Organizations of all sizes and from all verticals are actively using Citrix workspaces to give employees the flexibility to complete work anywhere, at any time, on any device.

In the video series laid out below, see how an oil & gas firm, a government and healthcare insurance organization, and a prominent law firm each use Citrix digital workspaces to give their organizations productivity, flexibility, and security.

What is a digital workspace?

Learn how Citrix integrates vital technologies to create a full digital workspace, plus discover market trends driving this new initiative.

Business drivers that create the need to expand beyond virtualization

Understand why and how these IT leaders reconsidered their business mobility strategy to include mobile apps, replace point mobility products, and provide flexible mobile access to business apps and data.

How does a digital workspace align with C-level priorities?

Customers share how the Citrix digital workspace helped them provide superior customer service, while reducing costs and improving security.

Security and digital workspaces: compliance and risk management without compromising productivity

IT can address privacy, compliance, and risk management priorities without compromising productivity with a Citrix digital workspace. Hear insights from customers in highly regulated industries like healthcare, financial services/insurance, government, law and energy.

A high quality user experience: Citrix digital workspaces in Microsoft environments

Citrix provides flexibility for IT to quickly implement new Microsoft technologies like Windows 10 or Skype for Business. Customers share how they provided a high user quality experience on any device by leveraging Citrix and Microsoft technologies.

Productive employees, efficient business, driven by digital workspaces

Learn real employee feedback about digital workspaces. With Citrix, secure access and a consumer-like user experience help ensure employees use and appreciate business mobility capabilities.

Integrated digital workspaces mean streamlined, efficient IT

Eliminate the headache of multiple vendors and create an integrated digital workspace that improves worker productivity. IT teams can save hours of work, budget and effort with a single vendor approach to the integrated digital workspace.

Employee productivity through unlimited BYOD access – even in highly secure environments

Employee productivity on BYOD devices, even in highly regulated industries, is a reality with a Citrix digital workspace.

Can a digital workspace really securely support any type of device?

Citrix customers share what kinds of devices – smartphones, tablets, PCs, and thin clients – can be supported with an integrated digital workspace.

Digital workspaces exceed employee expectations

All employees want to be mobile, not just millennial workers. Citrix customers share how digital workspaces have become part of their business productivity experience.

Security and availability: digital workspaces with Citrix NetScaler

Security, availability, and reliability are hallmarks of a Citrix digital workspace supported by Citrix NetScaler. Citrix customers from highly regulated industries share how they combine NetScaler with their digital workspace strategy.

Innovating with digital workspaces

When access to apps and data is secure, consistent and flexible, Citrix customers can innovate with new ideas that help employee productivity. Learn 3 unique uses of Citrix digital workspaces.

Learn more about Citrix digital workspaces

Understand the Citrix digital workspace solution

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