2016 has been a year of incredible growth for Citrix Cloud. Our installed-base, net-new customers and channel partners have embraced Citrix Cloud for cloud-based management and delivery for all Citrix technologies.

My discussions with customers, prospects and our sales teams consistently include one or more of the following drivers for selecting or considering Citrix Cloud versus traditional software-based deployment:

  • Migration from XenApp and XenDesktop 6.5 has created a lot of interest in Citrix Cloud. Customers who want to move to version 7.X to take advantage of the new FlexCast Management Architecture, or FMA, and new features don’t have an easier option than Citrix Cloud. On-premises migration can be complex, requiring skills many IT generalists don’t have, and can be costly if customers need new hardware.
  • Continual upgrades: Citrix Cloud appeals to customers who always want to be on the latest releases of Citrix solutions. New versions of all Citrix technologies are available on Citrix Cloud before they’re generally available on-premises and are included in the subscription licensing. And Citrix manages those upgrades. Citrix Cloud is future proof.
  • Overcoming IT resource constraints is another sweet spot for Citrix Cloud. Many customers can’t or don’t want to allocate resources to routine maintenance, including updates and patches, or lack specific expertise. With Citrix Cloud, we manage applications for our customers.
  • Data security is a challenge for which Citrix Cloud has a good answer. Our hybrid cloud model for the XenApp and XenDesktop Service is one in which Citrix manages the applications but the customer controls the data. We never touch a customer’s data. This is extremely important in regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services, but is also critical to meeting general data sovereignty and other compliance requirements, regardless of industry.
  • Integrating Mobility administration comes up often. Enabling employees to work from any device, any operating system, from any location is an important goal for many customers. XenMobile has significant competitive advantages and subscribing through Citrix Cloud ensures a consistent, reliable user and administrative experience.
  • Business continuity is an emerging consideration. This means disaster recovery and high availability. Similar to the points I made about security, Citrix Cloud customers manage data where they choose, including multiple on-premises locations and any cloud. This spreads the risk across geographies. And with Citrix managing the apps customers can have confidence in the high availability of their Citrix Solutions.

Real Stories from Real Customers

This year I’ve spoken with multiple customers — personally visiting many — to better understand exactly why they opted to use Citrix Cloud services. The answers were compelling and consistent.  Here’s a sample of what I found:

Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority (LMHA), a quasi-public agency that provides public housing for low-income residents in Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio, turned to Citrix Cloud for all of the above use cases. LMHA’s legacy infrastructure was inefficient, unreliable, and vulnerable to disruption; it strained the small IT team and the budget. Decommissioning the obsolete data center and moving to the cloud was critical. Management also wanted to adopt new technologies to improve community service. Citrix Cloud Integrated Apps and Data Suite met all of LMHA’s criteria.

“The goal for Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority was to get more employees out in the community, and to enable more clients to submit applications without physically coming into an office. This goal required mobility and the cloud, along with the confidence that personal information required when completing federal and state forms would remain secure,” said Craig Patterson, Acting Chief Information Officer at LMHA. “We looked to Citrix and the Citrix Cloud built on Microsoft Azure Government as the solution to this problem.”

An Ivy League university that maintains a network of 750 public computing devices situated in libraries, labs and common areas across campus. Thin client, virtual machines provide access to specialized applications that would cost-prohibitive to license in quantity or by students. Citrix Cloud replaced a competing solution that the customer found complex, resource intensive, and unable to meet the new CIO’s cloud-first mandate.

And InTown Suites, the largest economy extended stay hotel chain in the US, selected Citrix Cloud to simplify IT infrastructure, make IT more responsive to business needs, improve reliability, and ensure that they are always on the latest version of XenApp and XenDesktop without the burden of upgrading and maintaining the applications. Citrix Cloud is the technology underpinning to InTown’s M&A, fast-growth business strategy and supports the mission to be a high-margin, low-opex company.

Do any of these use cases resonate with you?

Learn more about Citrix Cloud. Citrix Service Advisors and Citrix Service Providers interested in learning how Citrix Cloud can help grow your business should be sure to attend Citrix Summit 2017. Stop by The Citrix Booth for discussions and demos. And be sure to attend the many sessions tailored for our channel.

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