Have you worked with the XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x environment? If so, have you used Director for monitoring? If the answer is ‘Yes’, there is some good news in store for you.

In Director’s Machine and Connections filter page, you might have come across the Failure Types and Failure Reasons. The Failure Reasons are not descriptive and do not convey steps to troubleshoot the failure. This often results in searching the resolution steps in other support documents and related sites. As the information is usually dispersed, the overall process is time consuming.

Now, we have for you a one click solution to provide basic troubleshooting steps to avoid the above stated problem. On clicking the highlighted Failure Type or Failure Reason, you can read the issue and the possible troubleshooting steps displayed on the dialog box and solve the issue. A click is all you need to save your precious time.

To see the troubleshooting help of a Machine failure, click the highlighted blue text in the Failure Type or Failure Reason column.


A Troubleshooting dialog box containing the possible issue and recommended actions pops up.Issues having similar troubleshooting steps are displayed on clicking the Failure Type field itself making the whole process less tedious.


The failure reason is highlighted below in case of connection failures


The dialog box consisting of possible issues and troubleshooting steps pops up on clicking connection failure reason .


The dialog box provides a user-friendly experience of understanding the failure cause and the guidelines for troubleshooting  the failure on your own and is available on just a click.

This feature is available for on cloud customers and on premise customers of all licenses of XenApp and XenDesktop.

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