Citrix Lifecycle Management is a service, available through Citrix Cloud, that enables IT Admins to intelligently setup Citrix workloads and efficiently manage their lifecycle.

Over the last year, the Citrix Product Design Team has been exploring new use-case-based tools that will be introduced in the future versions of the service. As we started our investigation on what customers needed, we looked at our existing collection of services within Citrix Lifecycle Management.

Here is a sketch note (by @schhen) that visually captures my talk about Citrix Lifecycle Management a couple months ago:

Citrix Lifecycle Management Sketch note

First, our use-case driven intelligent blueprints deploys and manage workloads, and whether it’s on-premises or in the public cloud –the choice is yours.

Citrix Blueprints enable customers to decrease the time it takes to deploy Citrix products to the environment of their choice, whether it is in a public cloud or within their own private datacenter. The goal is to give you the power of Citrix where you want it and where it makes the most sense for your business. Also, we’ve made sure to build in all the “Smarts” that Citrix has accumulated in their technologies over the years. The “Smarts” in Citrix Lifecycle Management ensure less time in the setup zone, and a faster time-to-value for you and your business.

We’ve made Citrix Lifecycle Management into a step-by-step wizard based deployment. It will do most of the heavy lifting and allow you to confirm all of the information –as the IT admin, you maintain control. The goal of this step-by-step process wasn’t to hide things from the user, but to educate and guide the user towards a direct path to success. In addition, Citrix Lifecycle Management allows you to easily leverage a public cloud, such as Azure or AWS, even if you have limited experience with this.


Moving forward, as the product design team, we want to double down and focus our designs on very critical, use-cases for our customers and be smarter about them. We looked at the specific problem of efficiently running workloads in a public cloud –and it’s expensive. Unless you are constantly monitoring and throttling your machines, you will be using resources when you don’t really need it. That is where the Smart Scale experience comes in.

Smart Scale allows you to scale your workloads in a public cloud, instantly. It optimizes your infrastructure costs by helping to offset high expenses associated with public cloud. Smart Scale is purpose-built for XenApp and XenDesktop with real-time monitoring of key metrics, such as capacity utilization, session login, active sessions, and more.

We wanted to design a service that would be very simple to setup and maintain. Also, we wanted to give you immediate value and improved efficiency, with the flexibility to power on/off servers on load or schedule-based. The bottom line is that Citrix gives you the ability to better control costs and performance running in a public cloud, like Azure or AWS.


We also want to enable Admins to get ahead of issues and solve problems in their environments before they impact their end-users –ultimately, creating happy and satisfied customers. We found that migrating your architecture to newer versions was very time-consuming and could be a tedious manual task. We also employed this line of thinking for the Update Service.

In the Update Service, customers are able to first assess their XenApp/XenDesktop 6.5 environments. It then provides a checklist to deploy the latest and greatest versions of XenApp/XenDesktop and migrates data to the new environment. It translates app policy configurations from IMA to FMA based architectures, streamlining upgrades to newer XenApp and XenDesktop workloads. Like with Blueprints and Smart Scale, we also incorporated the guided-process to ensure consistency in all of your migrations.


Overall, through a single, cloud-based unified interface for application lifecycle management –we give you a powerful, intelligent side-kick that will support you throughout your day-to-day tasks of managing numerous infrastructures.

We want you to start benefiting from all of the “smarts” in Citrix Lifecycle Management and try it today! All you have to do is login to with your MyCitrix account.

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