Bringing Productivity Back. Citrix Customers in their Own Words.

Earlier this year, we laid out the new strategy and vision for Citrix, centered around our mission to power a world where people, organizations, and things are securely connected, so that you — our customers, our partners, our people — can make the extraordinary possible.

Since then we’ve been hard at work with renewed focus and energy in every corner of the world.

Throughout 2016, I’ve had the privilege to meet with IT leaders from companies of all sizes in education, finance, government, healthcare, and manufacturing. It’s been gratifying to hear firsthand from so many that our strategy is working.

It’s a Matter of Productivity

Recently, we surveyed a group of customers to learn more about how Citrix is helping their organizations to create the future of work. We started with a simple question:

Do you agree that Citrix solutions help your organizations be more productive?

This question is top of mind for Citrix, given that the annual rate of productivity growth has slowed to just over 1 percent a year — the longest and steepest decline in worker productivity in the US since the ’70s.

We’ve spent countless hours considering what economists call the technology-productivity gap — a gap that equates to whopping $2.7 trillion in unrealized gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the United States. Similarly, tens of billions of dollars is being lost to the U.K. economy due to poor-performing technology, according to a 2016 study by the Workforce Institute and Kronos. An equally confounding statistic can be found in the healthcare sector, where the advent of electronic medical records implementation has actually led to a decrease in physician and clinician productivity.

How’s it possible that workers are experiencing lower productivity in the midst of what some call the 4th Industrial Revolution, against a backdrop of burgeoning cloud adoption, mobile workstyles, big data analytics, and IoT?

The culprit? Complexity.

Narrowing the $2.7 Trillion Productivity Gap

Today’s enterprise and SMB companies are facing daunting technological, organizational, and cultural challenges on the path to digital business transformation. Years spend on building on top of legacy architecture, customizing those systems for business needs and managing all the pieces, and dealing with mounting complexity resulting from a proliferation of devices, apps and platforms, has organizations seeking a better way.

Citrix is in the unique position to offer just that: a better way. We’re building smarter, more efficient, and more secure workspaces that will make it possible for IT organizations and end users alike to streamline and simplify the way work gets done. It’s our job to help you say YES to mobility, YES to new applications, YES to new devices – and, most importantly, YES to cyber-security and the cloud.

It’s why we’re pushing harder to innovate faster. And why we’re so pleased that our customers responded with a resounding YES to our simple productivity question.


Whether you’re an IT administrator managing systems or an end user putting the technology to use, at Citrix we believe that technology can be a great liberator, once again, by enabling companies to focus on the apps and data people need to be productive and eliminating the tremendous resource costs needed to manage a vast range of devices, platforms and tools.

Citrix Customers in their Own Words

Apparently, many of our customers agree. From small businesses to Global 500 healthcare companies and Fortune 500 companies across all industries, we heard real-world stories about how you’re putting Citrix to work to achieve your digital business objectives.



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This is just a sampling from dozens and dozens of testimonials that tell us we’re making a real difference in the day-to-day lives of our customers. Citrix is committed to bringing productivity back, and I am incredibly excited to see that we’re making progress.