At Citrix we have an unrivaled focus on the needs of end users. For the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) that means optimizing clinician workflows in ways that competitors can’t.

The NHS, over the past five years, has made a commitment to transform its services through the adoption of innovative IT solutions at scale. However, achieving this will be a tremendous challenge.  Technology, by itself, can only do so much. With over 500,000 clinicians employed by the NHS, it’s clear that people are going to be the key to success for any digital transformation journey whether that’s in the community, primary care, or acute setting. How does Citrix make a difference?

Unlike our competitors, Citrix has always taken a people-centric approach to the development and deployment of our solutions. That’s why we focus on mobility and security as priority areas. We engage with both IT and clinical leaders on a regular basis to understand and map clinical workflow pathways so that we can implement solutions that streamline clinical care without disrupting the day to day work of clinical staff. Our expertise in healthcare provides us with the ability to have granular conversations with clinicians across the care continuum because we understand that clinicians are not a homogeneous group. Our goal is always to become a trusted long term partner for trusts and not just another technology supplier.

To emphasize this commitment, we also spend time assessing and integrating the latest NHS policy developments into the way we work both with trusts directly and through our partners. Whether it’s the recent Wachter Review and its focus on clinical engagement or the Caldicott Report and its focus on information governance, we are always adjusting to meet the needs of trusts. This means we can take a nuanced approach to how we deliver and implement our solutions according to the strategic plans of clinical IT leaders. It might mean supporting the delivery of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobility strategy or implementing solutions that secure a trust’s application ecosystem. Our great relationships with partners ranging from Electronic Patient Record vendors to single sign on suppliers mean we’re strongly placed to enhance a trust’s overall IT ecosystem without impeding clinical pathways.

A successful transformation process has to demonstrate tangible benefits. Unlike our product-focused competitors, Citrix takes a long-term view. We understand that NHS trusts face both clinical and financial pressures. By engaging with clinical staff and understanding the strategic situations of individual trusts we can work together to build a benefits realisation roadmap based on the implementation of our solutions. This means quantitatively and qualitatively benchmarking existing workflows so that we can forecast and later prove the benefits for end-users once our solutions have been deployed.

A great example of this is our work with Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, where implementation of Citrix virtual desktops improved patient care by helping clinicians deliver critical diagnoses more quickly. Dr Simon Irving, Consultant Acute Physician at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust captures this point eloquently, “The new virtual desktop has made life so much easier as a consultant working in acute medicine. All applications run much, much quicker and I can quickly log in to the terminal closest to the patient I am treating. Then there’s the teaching aspect. I can work on a presentation in my office, walk to the seminar room, tap to login and there’s my presentation, ready to go. No messing with pen drives, email or anything else.”

The new virtual desktop has made life so much easier as a consultant working in acute medicine. All applications run much, much quicker and I can quickly log in to the terminal closest to the patient I am treating.

The NHS has set out a clear set of objectives for its digital future that are based on mobility, accessibility and security. At Citrix, we believe technology is a powerful enabler for change, but that it’s only one part of the bigger picture of digital transformation. By focusing on people first, we’re demonstrating our commitment to being a long term partner for the NHS.

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