Unique. Challenging. There are many ways to describe our industry’s pivotal moment, as we journey to the cloud and a new way of working. It’s a very exciting time as Citrix leads through this transition, establishing the roadmap for our customers and partners.

As VP of Partner Strategy, I’m proud to be part of Citrix at this historic moment. My focus will be how we go about making this transformation, creating alignment with customers, partners and sales, but most importantly, ensuring our partners understand the value proposition of what we are doing.

Everything and everyone is moving to the cloud; it isn’t a question of if, but when. The business is changing, and if you are going to make the transition, then we are committed to helping you get there. We’ll be talking about how, in great detail, at Citrix Summit 2017, January 9–11 in Anaheim, California. I hope you’ll join us and bringing your team.

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The value of Citrix Cloud

After almost ten years at Microsoft, and working with global alliance partners in the Enterprise partner group, I recognize that the only way a platform is going to be successful is to have partners building on that platform. Partners are in the business of selling solutions, and customers need solutions, not products.

For Citrix, the only way to scale is through our channel partners.

So it’s important that our partners understand the compelling argument for Citrix Cloud. We’re confident that Citrix Cloud is the best way to deliver a Citrix environment using any cloud or on-premises infrastructure. A number of APIs are already built in, which makes time to deployment much faster. Harnessing the power of cloud gets customers up and running sooner. And, because there’s no hosting or management of datacenters required, partners will be able to sell cloud solutions more easily. If you consider the perks of doing all of this on Azure, the value prop is even stronger.

Citrix channel strategy for a cloud-ready world

One of our focused initiatives in 2016 was partner investment, and partners saw it at Summit 2016 in #CitrixPartnerLove. The goal was, and continues to be, to reinvigorate our relationship, to ensure we offer the right incentives, and to identify the segments where we can help our partners succeed.

We’ll be drilling down even further into the three initiatives introduced last year with key 2017 themes of growth, profitability and predictable engagement. We’re simplifying programs and incentives and concentrating on market segments that represent a huge opportunity for our partners. We’ll also be focused on key sales plays and sales plans for joint engagement with Microsoft. We’re working to ensure that partner rewards and incentives reflect customer success as the ultimate goal for our most productive partners in the future.

I worked closely with Microsoft as the company moved from Office to Office 365, and was involved in building out licensing for Azure. It has prepared me well for my current role, and I’m looking forward to talking with partners in greater depth about what it means to embrace a cloud strategy as well as the enablement and education resources Citrix will provide to ease the transition. We have so much to discuss!

I’m looking forward to meeting many of you at my first Citrix Summit in January in Anaheim, California.

For more details on Summit, visit www.citrixsummit.com. And connect with me on Twitter: @_ashvijay

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