During Award Season, our Citrix team enjoys seeing not just how our technology drives business, but how it also improves the quality of employee and customer experience.

In fact, cultivating a great experience through technology is top of mind for Nancy Pautsch, president of Envision IT, a Platinum CSA based out of Madison, Wisconsin. I recently spent a week with Pautsch, her team and their customer, Exact Sciences — a Wisconsin-based biotechnology firm offering the first FDA-approved non-invasive early detection screening test for colorectal cancer – to learn more about their approach. Though the weather was cool, both firms welcomed our team with a warmth rivaled only by their enthusiasm for quality technology in the workplace.

Day One began at Envision IT on Madison’s west side. Our team was floored by the generously sunlit facility pulsing with smiling, purposeful employees. We interviewed Pautsch in a welcoming workspace, flanked by tangerine walls and photos of employees’ families. And she was more than excited to share the role Citrix plays in driving forward Envision’s mission of being a firm of endearment.

When her employees and customers use top-notch technologies from Citrix, Pautsch said, their days run more smoothly. This positivity carries over into their personal lives, meaning family and the community are literally impacted by the quality technology in the workplace. “Citrix and Envision have similar values,” she explained. “Integrity, respect, curiosity, courage, unity and recognizing people as the source of everything. We’re like family.” Our crew could see belief and commitment reflected in every employee we encountered.

Citrix and Envision have similar values. Integrity, respect, curiosity, courage, unity and recognizing people as the source of everything. We’re like family.

On Day 2, our team traveled with Pautsch to Exact Sciences. A commitment to quality experience through IT is just one of many values that bond the firms, yet their environments could not have been more different. In fact, our team almost got lost in the sparkling maze of glassed-in laboratories! White-coated researchers scurried about, different and yet similar to the Envision employees, with an air of determination that bespeaks the firm’s ambitious mission: to eradicate colon cancer.

Exact Sciences Senior Director of Information Technology, Doug Turecek, chatted with us in one of the labs. “Security is big for us,” he said, sharing Pautsch’s commitment to quality technology. “We want to keep our patients and employees safe.” He also told our team that it’s the flexibility of Citrix technologies, as administered by Envision, that allow his team to keep the pace of innovation for their flagship product, Cologuard®, the company’s stool-based DNA (sDNA), non-invasive colorectal cancer screening test.

With safe and flexible technology on hand, Exact Sciences provides a higher quality experience for both employees and patients.

Our own team’s experience was no less high quality. In both companies, we truly felt welcomed like family. We also enjoyed a little Wisconsin hospitality, taste-testing the state’s craft beers, fried cheese curds and farm-fresh comfort food. Smiling faces and firm handshakes met us wherever we went—proving that in this cold climate, with strong partnerships and top-notch technology, there’s more than enough warmth to go around.

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