3 simple ways to expand your business reach with your Citrix Ready partnership.

A Citrix Ready partnership is about coming together from a technical viewpoint for the greater good of the customer, and taking on their challenges through technology. In due course, product interoperability, integration and brand leverage bring about fresh revenue streams.

This, though, is just the foundation of being a Citrix Ready partner. The partnership is nurtured through joint marketing and demand generation campaigns whereby the benefits of the Citrix Ready verified products and solutions are showcased to spread the word on product functionality and to generate qualified leads.

  1. Lets develop your content marketing strategy

The first step here is to create joint marketable content of the Citrix Ready verified offering, in an easily digestible format for the audience. Depending on the kind of content, the message intended or the functionality and feature to be described, Citrix Ready would assist in creating them and finalizing the messaging. As you are aware, different types of collaterals offer their own advantages depending on the communication. Here are some of the more common ones we create (based on your program membership level):

  • Your profile page on Citrix Ready Marketplace
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • eBooks and Whitepapers
  • Solution Briefs and Case Studies
  • Customer Deployment Guides
  • Sales Enablement Cards

Citrix Ready would own the production of these assets in a format that allows easy showcase and promotions. These assets would also reside on the partner profile page on the Citrix Ready Marketplace, the home of Citrix compatible and verified products. We also channel these assets through Citrix Ready social media outlets on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and the Citrix blog for greater visibility and content traction.

  1. Reach out to your target audience via our digital campaigns

We have noticed that webinars elicit a great response in the quest for leads. Our Citrix Ready Webinar program makes the process a breeze. From invites to collating leads, our process is proven to the point. We also utilize assets created to drive awareness of the webinar along with our association with Tech Target for a further push. Each Citrix Ready led webinar drives 200 qualified leads on an average.

Podcasts are also a great way to connect with your audience and make your communication available to them at their convenience. Our association with DABCC Radio to host the final podcast has proven really successful in generating awareness of partner products.

Our new lead management platform, Zift123, goes a step further by efficiently managing your pipeline, automating the receipt of leads with detailed insight into lead lifecycles through the dashboard.


  1. Lets go to the market together

The partners also have an opportunity to go to market under a Citrix Ready umbrella at noted industry trade shows and events. At many premier events like EDUCAUSE, HIMSS or MWC, we organize a Citrix Ready Pavilion that houses individual pods for Citrix Ready partners. The complete turnkey package of branding, communications support and lead generation helps partners to leverage these premier trade shows, technology conferences and events to their advantage.


In all, being a Citrix Ready partner does not only give competitive edge in the technical sense for your customer, but can also serve as your ally in creating engaging and result oriented marketing campaigns. So, say YES to Citrix Ready and get started today.

Watch this webinar on more details of how to leverage the Citrix Ready program for your business and maximize your partnership with us.

Bookmark the ‘Citrix Ready Program Guide’ page to access the links, templates and forms to initiate all of the above activities.