The Citrix Service Provider (CSP) program has been growing at a phenomenal rate the last few years. Data as of 2016 shows that the program grew at approximately 33% and we currently have over 2000 partners within the program. We expect these numbers to continue to grow over the next several years, especially as we work to introduce Citrix Cloud to the CSP community. Citrix Cloud would offer significant synergies and will allow service providers to significantly reduce time to market and at the same time dramatically reduce the Capital expense incurred by CSPs today.

I am excited to announce that we have quite a few CSP specific events lined up during Summit 2017. However, my top 5 recommendations in no particular order are as follows:

  1. Hosted Services Marketing and Sales: Proven Tips and Techniques1

Selling hosted cloud services differs greatly from selling software.  This session will help our CSP partners understand the unique value-adds they can offer, and the specific buyer profiles they need to pursue when hosting workspace services.  During this session, we will also cover how to concentrate on vertical industries and/or focus on top hosted applications. We’ll then look at “Land” vs. “Expand” opportunities in both new and existing customer bases.  Finally, we’ll review marketing resources Citrix offers our CSPs to go-to-market effectively to uncover net-new opportunities specific to hosted services.

  1. Add Cloud Services to Expand Your Business: The urgency of Why – and The Insight to How1

Providing partner hosted or cloud hosted services should be a consideration for any channel partner. In fact, 60% of Citrix Service Providers are also Citrix Solution Advisors. What do they know about providing hosted Citrix services that you don’t? And, how are they already benefiting from the shift?  This session will lay out the growing market opportunity for hosted services, the business and financial benefits of recurring revenue, the new use cases available, and finally, approaches to doing so with nearly zero capital investment.

  1. Landing new CSP Business with Secure File Sharing1

Increasingly more service providers are looking at ways to deliver secure document management and workflow solutions for their customers. As un-secure file sharing services continue to proliferate enterprises, IT struggles to find a secure way to protect sensitive content and also offer end users a delightful product experience. This session will demonstrate how ShareFile provides service providers a great way to deliver true enterprise-class data services across all devices to their customers, while maintaining total IT control.

  1. Cloud Technologies and Futures for CSPs, Hosters, MSPs, Resellers1

2017 is the year of the cloud for Citrix partners.  In this session we’ll lay-out our existing technologies and upcoming direction for how our partners should base their businesses on the cloud, and Citrix cloud technologies to use. Topics will include how you should leverage Cloud services for license usage and insights; cloud services for scripting and blueprinting infrastructure management; CloudPortal Services Manager and other related Cloud Service Broker technologies.

  1. Small and Medium Business (SMB) Buying Habits For Hosted Citrix Services: Who’s Buying, And Why1

If you’re in the business of selling or marketing to the Medium- or Small business markets (500 seats and below), this is a must-attend session. We’ll focus on the SMB buyer and vertical requirements, and include liberal market statistics of the size of the SMB opportunity. We’ll also help you understand the right buyer personas to pursue, as well as “Land/Expand” strategies. We’ll conclude with how verticalization and differentiation are critical to landing new customers efficiently.

Besides these breakout sessions there are many more CSP related deep-dive sessions to attend, and many Demo Sandbox opportunities where you can work directly with the technologies and the professionals who created them.

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