There remain only a few weeks of 2016, with just a Christmas turkey and a new year toast until Citrix Summit 2017 in January.

That is not to say that this isn’t a busy time of year. Summit is always a very busy time for all Citrix product groups, not least the XenServer product team. As always, we’ve been working towards this important time of year, and we have planned numerous XenServer related activities, including a hands-on learning lab, technical breakout sessions, expo hall product demos of new features and functionality, to hands-on solution sandbox environments for partners & employees.

I have been actively involved in working with Citrix partner Bitdefender on a three hour, instructor-led learning lab session (LABS615), to be jointly presented by both companies. If you’ve followed XenServer this year, you will have heard Citrix talk about Direct Inspect APIs, a XenServer 7 feature enabling third party partners (such as Bitdefender) to integrate security products.

Today, XenServer is the only commercial hypervisor offering VM memory-introspection, host-level protection of VMs’ memory.

This is unique in that the security appliance does not rely any any in-VM agents to understand whether there is malicious activity happening within a VM.

Limited Space, Lots of Value

During this Summit learning lab session, attendees will gain a deep technical insight in how best to secure XenApp and XenDesktop infrastructures powered by XenServer, with hands-on experience as both the attacker (exploiting a vulnerability) and the IT security admin seeking to protect the workloads from attack.

The learning lab has limited spots, so for more information and registration, please follow this URL: LABS615: Securing your XenServer–powered XenApp and XenDesktop virtual infrastructure from attack.

Other Ways To Up Your XenServer IQ

There are a couple of additional breakout sessions XenServer-interested attendees should also look into; one around XenServer’s PVS-integration, the other a competitive look at how VMware attempts to displace Citrix solutions.

TECH203: How to stop VMware from eating your lunch: the technical compete session

Led by David Cottingham (XenServer PM) and Thomas Berger (Technical Marketing), you will learn about XenServer’s unique features that improve the administration of XenApp/XenDesktop infrastructures, as well as the experience of the end-users. Understand how you can migrate users to the platform, and how to help your customers eliminate the vTax.

TECH305: How PVS integrated with XenServer enhances XenDesktop deployments, making VDI cheaper and simpler

Provisioning Services had evolved. New XenServer-integrated technology promises to make XenApp & XenDesktop deployments faster, cheaper and simpler for customers. How else can you reduce your PVS network traffic by as much as 98%, whilst simultaneously improving VM boot & runtime performance? This session is led by Andy Melmed (XenServer PM) and Robert Breker (XenServer Engineering).

Summit will be here before we know it, so be sure to register your interest in any sessions and the learning lab to guarantee your place. If you want to talk with anyone from the XenServer product group, then reach out to through any of the appropriate channels (CTP slack, Partner network, direct email/phone etc…) to book time. We will have product group representatives present ranging from product management, product marketing, execs and engineering, so reach out early if you want to meet.

It’s almost 2017, and there has never been a better time to leverage Citrix XenServer’s integration with Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop to power your infrastructure. Check out the Summit website for further details and employee/partner registration, and the XenServer product pages for the latest product information, with links to downloadable collateral.

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