The new Linux VDA 7.12 is released with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.12. This release adds support for Ubuntu 16.04, IPv6, NIS integration, SSSD and LDAPS. In addition, there are new interesting experimental capabilities like seamless apps and enhanced Linux VDA metrics in HDX insight. Lets learn more about them below.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS support

Linux VDA now supports Ubuntu 16.04 LTS version with XenApp and XenDesktop. Ubuntu is a popular distribution in various industries and it enables new use cases for Linux virtual app and desktop. With the addition of Ubuntu, Linux VDA supports the major distributions RHEL, CentOS, SLE and Ubuntu covering the critical mass of Linux deployments in organisations.



Linux VDA now enables the use of Secure LDAP to communicate with broker agent and policy service. Secure LDAP uses SSL/TLS, encrypts the communication data between LDAP client and LDAP server based on LDAP protocol. Refer the documentation on how to enable LDAPS with Linux VDA.

SSSD and NIS integration

Along with Winbind, Centrify and Quest, Linux VDA now supports SSSD for joining Linux machine to the domain.

This release also supports NIS integration to be able to use non-AD login for authentication. Using NIS as a UID and GID provider instead of using AD requires that the account information (username and password combinations) is the same in, both, AD and NIS. Authentication is still performed by active directory server in the backend.

Cookie-based access for X Window authorization

Linux VDA now supports Cookie-based access for X Window authorization, Xauthority file will be generated under user home directory.

In addition, Citrix added the support for IPv6 with Linux VDA as a part of XenApp and XenDesktop.

Experimental features, Easy install

Installing and configuring Linux VDA can be complex for a new admin as it involves Linux specific configurations, joining the machine to the AD domain and Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop knowledge. The good news is that Citrix has taken the feedback from our customers and worked on an easy install script, which reduces the install and configuration time significantly. This script is currently released as an experimental capability. Give it a try and share your feedback for Citrix to improve it further.

Seamless apps

In the Linux VDA 1.4 release, Citrix added the support for app publishing. This allowed you to publish Linux apps in Citrix Studio in the same way you publish Windows apps. In case of a Linux-only environment, app publishing is the most cost-effective solution to deploy. Many customers are taking advantage of this capability by publishing Linux apps especially the browser, which runs their web apps. Now seamless apps takes the experience to the next level where each app opens in its own window, without the border covering it. You can use the apps as if they are running locally and switch between them easily. Seamless apps is an experimental feature now in Linux VDA 7.12, which can be enabled for testing. Please refer the documentation for more details.


In addition, this release enables more metrics in HDX insight like WAN latency, DC latency, Bandwidth.


Deploy the new Linux VDA 7.12 in your environment and let us know how it works for you.

Note: If you are using a non-English Linux VDA environment and plan to move to the XenApp and XenDesktop 7.12 broker, then make sure that you move to the Linux VDA 7.12 as well to avoid compatibility issue. Refer this KB article for more details.

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