The pace of the transition to the cloud is both exciting and unnerving — bringing profound changes to the requirements for application delivery. In the age of this digital transformation, with its highly mobile, global user population and widely distributed applications, security and network design and delivery models should be top of mind for businesses everywhere.

Security — securely connecting users – and – apps, coupled with identity awareness and enforcement and protection from attacks becomes critical. Network design and delivery becomes an end-to-end concern. You must be able to account for access conditions, internet variances, application data centers and clouds.

At the same time, digital transformation has created an explosion in the number of applications and use cases to be delivered, without a corresponding transition of new skills requirements.

Highly distributed systems with end-to-end responsibility are significantly more complex if built status quo. A new paradigm is needed — one that brings the convenience and ease of the cloud, makes app delivery more turnkey, and raises the bar on visibility. Going back to my above point, convenience cannot come at the cost of security. This tradeoff has been seen in the cloud adoption of yesterday but is no longer acceptable when thinking through the app delivery needs of the future.

Transitioning to a hybrid multi-cloud future means being able to leverage today’s data center infrastructure in harmony with new paradigm strengths. With a hybrid multi-cloud world, on-premises and off-premises assets need to work together seamlessly. The risk is too great to have them not.

Citrix is at the forefront of leading the way to a hybrid multi-cloud future – helping to shape the way the industry adapts to this shift – and is enabling our customers and partners to say ‘Yes’ to a hybrid multi-cloud world.

The Delivery Networks business is fundamental to this vision and I’d like to give you a preview of how we are delivering on our vision of complete application and data delivery — cloud-delivered simplicity — for apps anywhere, users everywhere.


Citrix is advancing our Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) vision to address all of the requirements above. SDP provides a superior security model through unified policy, extensive visibility, cloud-delivered simplicity, and complete premises-like control from the datacenter out across the WAN to the branch and to other endpoints, including those associated with IoT applications.

Given the broad application delivery canvas of our Software Defined Perimeter vision, control, management and analytics are critical in the overall strategy. For Citrix, it’s NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) which includes provisioning, configuration, orchestration, visibility, analytics, and machine learning. Within the multi-cloud context, NetScaler Cloud Services also play an integral part, encompassing network services (application discovery, global server load balancing, etc.) as well as application security capabilities such as DDoS, application firewall, and encryption.

Lots to come from Citrix on this topic in the coming weeks. Be sure to stay tuned.