Enterprise IT is facing an increasing need to deploy secure mobile applications to their end users. As a result, the use of Citrix XenMobile MDX for containerizing and deploying mobile apps securely is growing and finding use in a variety of consumer verticals.  Mobile software releases are being delivered more frequently which can present a challenge for IT admins tasked with the job of wrapping mobile apps with the necessary security policies.

Today we introduce MDX Service as a Citrix Cloud Labs service

Citrix Cloud Labs is where you can preview, try and comment on emerging Citrix Cloud services. The MDX Service can be used to automate the process of wrapping iOS and Android mobile applications with MDX (an app container technology) to be managed by XenMobile. You can wrap apps created within your organization or the Citrix XenMobile Apps using the MDX service.

Ready to get started?

Follow the steps below to start using MDX Service in Citrix Cloud Labs. We encourage you to provide us with feedback on your experience in the Citrix Discussions Forum.


  1. Mobile applications (iOS and Android) that need to be wrapped with MDX.
  2. Signing assets, such as certificates and provisioning profiles for iOS apps, and keystore for Android apps.

Using MDX Service

Step 1: Sign up to Citrix Cloud

Sign up for Citrix Cloud by requesting a trial, if you do not already have a Citrix Cloud account.

Step 2: Access the MDX Service in Citrix Cloud

Go to the Labs section in the navigation bar of the Citrix Cloud control center to view the list of available labs services. Select MDX Service.


The MDX Service user interface clearly navigates the user through the app wrapping process and returns a wrapped version of their mobile app.  With the initial offering of the service, the app will be wrapped with the latest version of the MDX Toolkit.

For a more detailed description of the new MDX Service from Citrix Cloud Labs please click HERE.