For many IT professionals, the process of upgrading from one version of a product to another can be fraught with concern and uncertainty. As XenMobile 9 rapidly approaches end-of-life, we would like to provide you with the latest information and suggestions for an easy migration.

  1. XenMobile 9 End of Life is scheduled for June 30, 2017. End of Maintenance is Dec 31, 2016, which is just about 4 weeks away.  We encourage you to take advantage of the tools available for a successful migration to XenMobile 10 before Dec. 31, 2016. After Dec. 31, the XenMobile support organization will no longer have resources available to support XenMobile 9 deployments.
  1. The recent release of XenMobile 10.4.0 server greatly improved the upgrade experience with the ability to upgrade directly from XenMobile 9 to the XenMobile 10.4.0 server with no intermediate updates. You can reference the upgrade process and related information in the XenMobile Docs.
  1. Remember, before you do an upgrade, you need to apply App Controller patch (9782) to your XenMobile 9 Server. The patch can be found under the Upgrade Tool tab HERE.
  1. Many customers have expressed interest in having Citrix Consulting Services assist with the upgrade process via review, analysis and on-site support. These services are available. Please contact your local Citrix representative for more information on which consulting services may be right for you.
  1. Additional options and considerations:
  1. Several XenMobile customers have made the decision to transition XenMobile on-prem to a hosted XenMobile Cloud service. With XenMobile Cloud, maintenance requirements are reduced because all software upgrades and updates are managed by Citrix.  For more information on how you can transition to the XenMobile Cloud please contact your local Citrix representative.
  2. Another popular choice among XenMobile customers is to eliminate the upgrade process entirely by standing up a new XenMobile 10 environment and asking their users enroll in the newly updated XenMobile 10 environment.

Thousands of XenMobile customers have already made the transition to XenMobile 10.  Take advantage of the many benefits that come with XenMobile 10 by upgrading now.

Your success is important to us.

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