In the consumer world, we’re seeing the disruptive power of businesses born in the cloud through the emergence of companies like Uber and Airbnb, which have transformed the transportation and hospitality industries entirely.

In the business world, the cloud imperative is no less strong. But adopting cloud technologies in the Enterprise is much more complex than just downloading an app. Companies have to rationalize all of their past, present, and future investments and tie them together seamlessly as they progress toward the cloud future.

That reality drove the design of Citrix Cloud, which meets customers wherever they are on their journey to the cloud by providing the best-integrated technology services for secure delivery of apps and data. Services can be deployed on your choice of infrastructure, and ultimately managed in a way that allows administrators to seamlessly move workloads from on-premises IT infrastructure or private clouds to public clouds.

We have thousands of Citrix partners and customers who are just beginning to look seriously at the cloud, but are currently delivering Citrix workloads from their own datacenters. And we have others that have moved everything to the cloud, taking advantage of the security, flexibility, and operational benefits they gain while offloading the cost and resource drain required to manage their own IT infrastructure.

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For example, Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority (LMHA)—an 83-year-old organization in Toledo, OH—decided to move everything to the Microsoft Azure cloud to avoid the cost of upgrading aging IT infrastructure and to take advantage of the comprehensive mobility of Citrix Workspace Suite, offloading all of the management, upgrades and service delivery to Citrix and Microsoft. Consequently, they’ve been able to scale faster with less cost, reduce infrastructure, and increase productivity. Best of all, by migrating to the cloud they’ve dramatically improved the workplace experience for employees and the agency experience for the 7,000-plus households it serves.

Our organization has totally been revitalized by Citrix,” says Martin LaMar, president & CEO of LMHA. “Some days I pinch myself and it’s like, wow, we really did this and we did it really quickly.

It’s important to understand the investment we’ve made in Citrix Cloud to make sure we provide a viable migration path for our customers, wherever they are in their journey to the cloud. We understand why not every organization is ready yet to go “all in” on the cloud like LMHA.

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In fact, a Forrester’s Global Business Technographics Infrastructure Survey found that 38 percent of enterprises have not adopted any cloud infrastructure, while 23 percent of respondents have adopted one cloud, and 38 percent are using two or more clouds. There is a clear need for an architecture and a management platform that enables customers to manage workloads on the infrastructure they use today, while giving them the ability to migrate to one or more clouds.

Our investment in making cloud migrations easy for customers extends far beyond Citrix Cloud.

That’s why we unified our XenApp and XenDesktop architecture and engineered it so our customers can deploy it in their choice of cloud, hybrid or on-premises infrastructure.

We believe in the power of Citrix Cloud to the point that we’re releasing our newest, most advanced features in XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile through Citrix Cloud first, and then to our licensed software customers. And we’re rolling out new innovations through the cloud at an accelerated pace.

Our customers are also just beginning to understand the benefits our cloud strategy offers them, in addition to the operational advantages we’ve already mentioned. For example, public clouds like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services offer incredible security benefits, from the tight physical security measures that are beyond the reach of most enterprises to the powerful security tools and processes used to protect their vital infrastructure and the vital apps and data running in their datacenters.

Here is the takeaway.

At Citrix, we understand our customers and the journey many of them are beginning as they migrate to the cloud, and with the Citrix Cloud and our portfolio of cloud-optimized products and services, we’re ready to meet them wherever they are on their path. Whether you are just starting your cloud migration, or ready to move all of your Citrix workloads to the cloud, we have services, software and a plan that will work for you.

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