Citrix Will Showcase New Services and AWS-Specific Innovations

If you currently use or are considering virtual apps or desktops from Citrix or another source — especially VMware — consider Citrix Cloud.

Consumption and management of apps and desktops in the Citrix Cloud, delivered in a software as a service (SaaS) model, has significant advantages over on-premises software. These include no or little infrastructure to purchase and manage. No need to hire or train IT staff on specialized virtualization skills. No more tedious routine software maintenance or, worse, potentially disruptive and expensive forklift upgrades. No more specious capacity planning. No more end users frustrated by reboot hassles or an inability to seamlessly work on any device, anywhere. No limitations on where you can store your data.

Citrix Cloud customers deploy and manage their trusted Citrix solutions — and even third-party apps — on any cloud or infrastructure. Citrix Cloud supports any hypervisor. Yes, even that one. Our hybrid cloud and multi-cloud capabilities are distinctly different and better than competing solutions that require that apps, data and all reside in the same cloud. For starters, a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment inherently improves business continuity by distributing compute, storage and networking across systems and locations.

Many Citrix Cloud customers choose Amazon Web Services (AWS) to augment or replace on-premises infrastructure. Our partnership with the world’s largest cloud services platform provider means that all Citrix solutions – including the entire Citrix Cloud Integrated Apps and Data Suite – are fully-supported on and licensed for AWS. Over the past year, Citrix has continued to deliver essential innovations that ensure optimized Citrix experiences on AWS. For example, the new Smart Scale capability found in Citrix Lifecycle Management provides proactive management of underlying AWS resources based on usage. End-users receive the high availability they expect from a cloud delivered offering, while IT gains predictable costs. With Smart Scale, IT teams gain visibility and control of their deployments on AWS.

The momentum of Citrix Cloud on AWS is unmistakable. Citrix Cloud customers leveraging the benefits of AWS to modernize and transform IT delivery include:

  • An Ivy League university that maintains a network of 750 public computing devices situated in libraries, labs, and common areas across campus. Thin client, virtual machines provide access to specialized applications that would cost-prohibitive to license in quantity or by students. Citrix Cloud replaced a competing solution that the customer found complex, resource intensive, and unable to meet the new CIO’s cloud-first mandate. The university’s entire networking, compute, and storage environment is on AWS.
  • The financial management subsidiary of a global management consulting firm that has XenApp and XenDesktop Service and its entire workload in two AWS availability zones and on-premises. The global nature of AWS’s infrastructure ensures that no matter in which country an employee may reside, a high performance digital workspace is always available and IT has a common
  • A business management software-as-a-service provider which stands up secure and separate environments for each customer in AWS using Citrix Cloud Lifecycle Management to meet FedRAMP requirements.

Citrix and AWS are offering an accelerator to migrate or deploy XenApp and Xen Desktop to AWS. This is a limited time offer and restrictions apply, but there has never been a better opportunity to experience the performance, value, and simplicity of Citrix solutions on AWS.

If you are attending AWS re:Invent and want to learn more about Citrix Cloud, visit us at Booth 620.

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