As you move your applications to the Cloud, your ADC needs to move with them.

Your organization is probably making the move to the cloud in a big way. The cloud lets you scale your applications by using infrastructure on demand and better manage your costs as you only pay for what you use. It’s a compelling value proposition, but it comes with challenges.

Your organization needs to manage performance of your applications in the cloud as they scale. This means that you need an application delivery controller that works both on-premises and in the cloud. Your ADC needs to provide your applications with the same security, monitoring, management, governance, and performance whereever they are.

Your ADC should be as easy to deploy and use as the rest of your cloud services. Even as many of your applications move to the cloud, you will still have applications in your local data center. You will need one system to manage all of your ADCs. NetScaler is available on AWS, and it’s easier than ever to deploy via Marketplace and you can now manage all your NetScalers with the NetScaler Management and Analytics System service, wherever they are.

Coming Soon: we are making it easier than ever to deploy a NetScaler on AWS and help you to fully realize your application’s elasticity by supporting AWS Auto Scaling*

We will be showing a demo of how this works at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, Booth #620

Zero-touch provisioning for NetScaler on AWS

Citrix NetScaler on Amazon Web Services enables enterprises to rapidly and cost-effectively leverage world-class NetScaler application delivery capabilities within their AWS deployments. NetScaler on AWS combines the elasticity and flexibility of the AWS cloud with the optimization, security, and control that NetScaler provides for the most demanding websites and applications in the world. With our simple implementation, you can deploy NetScaler on AWS in seconds.

Today, you can launch a NetScaler VPX using the AWS step-by-step wizard, AWS one-click, or the NetScaler pre-built Cloud Formation script on AWS Marketplace. Once NetScaler is up and running, its auto-bootstrapping process kicks in to configure its IP, subnets, and more. No additional NetScaler configuration is required to get a fully functional ADC that’s ready to load balance traffic to your applications. With this, you don’t need to figure out the order for provisioning NetScaler services or the subtleties of making those dependencies work. After the NetScaler resources are deployed, you can still modify and update them.

Here’s how NetScaler deployment with AWS Auto Scaling works

Once NetScaler is running, it auto-discovers and displays available AWS Auto Scaling groups. You can simply select the desired Auto Scale group via the admin GUI, and click once; it’s ready to go.

As your application workloads vary, NetScaler auto discovers changes in application servers at scale-up and scale-down events. NetScaler adjusts the servers it sends traffic to and delivers the most optimal application performance.

Custom NetScaler metrics for more agility

NetScaler supports exporting application and NetScaler metrics, so you can get a deeper look at your application’s performance and tune your deployment. You can select metrics and NetScaler automatically publishes them to CloudWatch, then builds the CloudWatch alarm accordingly. These alarms then are available for use in Auto Scaling policies.

NetScaler MAS lets you manage NetScaler in a hybrid cloud environment

NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) is a centralized network management, analytics, and orchestration solution. From a single platform, administrators can view, automate, and manage NetScaler services for scale-out applications.

NetScaler MAS serves as the foundation for the move to the cloud by providing a common system for managing your NetScaler fleet both locally and on AWS no differently than if it were deployed on-premise.

To manage applications in a hybrid-cloud environment requires end-to-end insights into application performance across application types and locations. MAS can aggregate traffic flow data across these places and provide analytics into specific situations. Admins can see where their NetScaler instances are. They can do anomaly detection and see what problems exist. Everything is automated with alerts.

With NetScaler on AWS, hybrid clouds that span enterprise datacenters and extend into AWS can benefit from the same NetScaler cloud networking platform, significantly easing the transition of applications and workloads between the datacenter and AWS. Organizations gain frictionless hybrid-cloud deployment. They lower the barrier to supporting workloads on premise and off premise across cloud providers with NetScaler.

For more about MAS see, NetScaler Management and Analytics System.

Next Steps

NetScaler can eliminate barriers that have traditionally kept organizations from taking full advantage of the public cloud. Our goal at Citrix is to help our customers make AWS look like a natural extension of their data centers. We make the deployment and configuration of NetScaler as transparent as possible, whether it’s running on-premise or in AWS, because IT professionals shouldn’t have to do things fundamentally differently in either location.

Because the NetScaler in the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) uses the same binary as NetScaler VPX™ virtual appliances, enterprises obtain all of the same L4-7 functionality familiar from their NetScaler deployments, including load balancing, content switching, global server load balancing, application firewall and SSL VPN.

For enterprises that are embracing hybrid cloud delivery models, NetScaler on Amazon Web Services holds tremendous potential. With it, they can optimize, secure, and control their cloud-delivered applications—not only in the same manner as the world’s largest websites, but also identically to how they’re already doing so for their on-premise datacenters that leverage NetScaler.

You can find NetScaler VPX on Amazon Marketplace (including in Free Trial format), here, NetScaler on Amazon.

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