Citrix latest infomercial poses the question “What does Citrix do?” The YouTube video, already viewed by over 2.3m people, suggests it’s a question with many answers. I agree and it was a question I took to over 50 Citrix partners across northern Europe.

The results were fascinating and something I discussed with the Citrix partner team during a recent strategy meeting titled “Creating Shared Value.” Amid the feedback, a poignant and reoccurring theme struck a chord with me due to my interest in sustainable leadership. It was to make working from anywhere like working side by side.

When I read that UK vehicles had collectively travelled 320 billion miles in the last 12 months and that exhaust emissions were causing some of London’s streets to rank among the world’s most polluted roads, I began to think about how “working from anywhere” was linked with sustainability. Revisiting GeSI’s SMARTER2030 report that highlights ICT as having the ability to reduce global CO2 emissions by 20%, it became clear that remote working, or working from anywhere, is not only delivering an improved work-life balance, but is also already reducing CO2 emissions.

The reductions are generated by two sources.

Firstly, from reduced travel. According to Global Workplace Analytics (2016), employees embracing E-Working are spending, on average, two days a week working away from the office. This lowered commute time is reducing transportation fuel consumption and over the course of several years (to 2030) will contribute to an impressive 3% (0.363Gt) global emissions reduction (GeSI, 2015).

Secondly, abatements are also generated by reduced power consumption. A cloud-based workspace-as-a-service solution supporting one thousand BYOD devices consumes in the region of 347,904w less power per day (Centralis, 2016) than an environment of one thousand desktops. This equates to over 60% or 347.9kWh reduction in energy consumption per day, or the equivalent of removing twenty cars each year from the roads forever (as calculated here).

The Citrix partner community has a tremendous opportunity to accelerate this adoption through the message of sustainable leadership. Perhaps via a “green “ICT partner channel?

I appreciate that not everyone is interested in Green IT or sustainability. I also freely admit that my predisposed axiology and core values may induce climate change bias. To counter this, I re-examined a paper I wrote on Cloud Computing as a driver for CSR to determine whether or not business as a whole was ready for sustainability.

Evidence confirms it is. 49% of CIOs surveyed confirmed adopting sustainable or “green” ICT practices as a priority for their business. Looking ahead, over fifty new sustainable leadership courses appeared last year alone, confirming universities are rushing to respond to an increasingly urgent challenge of developing the next generation of sustainable leaders. But want is not the only driver; there is also a need being driven by the government. In line with the UK Climate Change Act, the UK Companies Act states that all companies operating in the UK and listed on the London Stock Exchange, a European Economic Area market or having equity trading on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ must report CO2 emissions or face unlimited fines.

Imagine that? Over 20,000 businesses in the UK alone, all mandatorily examining ways to reduce carbon footprint and we, as a Citrix partner community, have the ability to say ‘yes’ to leading the way.

So, what does YES look like? Circling back to the theme of the infomercial, The Business of Yes can be a multitude of things, but it struck me that in the context of sustainability YES has to be a Citrix-powered workspace solution that makes working from anywhere like working side by side. By delivering such solutions, we can all take a sustainable leadership position, addressing people needs by enabling the freedom and productivity gains associated with E-working whilst addressing planet needs by reducing transport carbon emissions and lowering the adopting company’s overall CO2 footprint.

Why not make the extraordinary a reality and become part of the Citrix partner community and help to grow the vision of a Green ICT Partner Channel?

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