When did you last review your business mobility strategy? (Do you have a business mobility strategy?)

What worked in the past probably isn’t working today. Your users have changed, their devices have changed and the business strategy has evolved to support more people in more places.

Take the time to reimagine your business mobility strategy. It needs to evolve from simple remote access for a few apps and email on a smartphone.

When you have a solid business mobility strategy, you can accelerate innovation, simplify IT and inspire employees. All of this can move your organization forward to more success.

Learn the 4 reasons why you should reimagine your business mobility strategy:

  1. You need a single business mobility solution – not a headache of multiple vendors.

How many vendors support your business mobility today? How do you patch together virtualization from one vendor, mobile device management from another, file sharing from yet another and networking from someone else? How many support contracts and renewal cycles are you tracking?

It’s time to streamline to a single vendor for a complete digital workspace. Integration of app and desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility management, secure file sharing, plus networking means a more secure, more efficient and more affordable approach to business mobility. Only Citrix provides the complete digital workspace.

Plus, Citrix has spent more than 25 years collaborating with Microsoft to align with your investments in Windows, Windows Server, Azure, Office 365 and Skype for Business.

Employees -- and IT -- need a single solution for business mobility, only found in a Citrix digital workspace

  1. Security is critical for business mobility – are you doing all you can?

A business mobility strategy always includes security. Cyberthreats are more prevalent and people are on the move. How does your security stance align with the demands of mobile workers?

Citrix solutions are trusted to protect the most sensitive information, giving IT powerful options to control application and data access across any location, network and device.

A Citrix digital workspace empowers IT to address privacy, compliance and risk management priorities without compromising productivity.

Security is a key driver for business mobility with a digital workspace

  1. Business mobility includes work anywhere flexibility

Today work is 24×7. We all use multiple devices – phones, tablets, computers, thin clients.

We expect access to business apps and data to be smooth and efficient – with the same experience on every device. Our consumer apps function the same and look the same on every device – so our business apps and data should be consistent as well.

Let workers be flexible about when and how they work. A digital workspace gives access to the business apps and data they need.

Mobility is a key driver for a digital workspace and true business mobility

  1. Productivity happens anywhere – and everywhere

Citrix digital workspace customers tell amazing stories of locations and devices used to access business apps and data.

We see Citrix digital workspaces everywhere:

  • Students using tablets and a secure web browser to download research on the university green
  • Utility workers on remote energy pipelines using enteprise moblity apps to report on repairs
  • Nuclear power plant technicians using rugged tablets to update productivity reports
  • Financial traders using thin clients in a Hong Kong high rise to buy and sell on the global markets.

Each story paints a different picture about the right device for the job, diverse applications and available networks. The setting of each story is different – different continents, different countries and different landscapes. Each story has the same digital workspace foundation — Citrix digital workspaces provide secure access to apps and data.

Productivity is a key driver for business mobility with a digital workspace

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