Growing up working in my grandfather’s small motor repair shop, I learned that in order to drive sales, customer experiences are most important and that, to acquire and retain customers, a company should insist on providing reliable and pleasant service. The Solutions Demo Sandbox at Summit was created for that very reason: to allow partners a unique hands-on opportunity with Citrix products while they learn to resolve customer pain-points and deliver outstanding service.

In the Solutions Demo Sandbox, everything we do will be geared towards enabling our partners and sales teams to engage their customers in fundamentally different conversations—conversations that get beneath the surface, help them understand the deeper issues driving customer behavior and empower them to take customers on a journey to Yes.

Demo mentors

Our handpicked Demo Mentors will demonstrate this journey; they’ll teach you how to tell the “new” Citrix story, one that puts solutions at the center and allows you to build a host of value-added services around it. Whether consumed as a subscription through the cloud, or built on-premises, the modern Citrix workspace easily blends virtualization, mobility, and networking technologies. We’re providing access to product engineers and industry peers, so come prepared to discuss common business problems and discover opportunities for disrupting markets to satisfy customer needs. From industry- and role-specific demo environments to small networking groups, the Solutions Demo Sandbox is a must-experience function at Summit. 

Discover what’s new

As event technical marketing manager for Citrix, I’m able to establish partnerships with technology allies who approach innovation and business from fresh perspectives, creating imaginative processes and novel methods to help me showcase best use cases for our products.

This year, we’re tapping the minds of pioneering Citrix visionary leaders including VP Emerging Solutions Chris Fleck,  VP and CTO Workspace Services Christian Reilly, Director of IoT engineering (and co-founder of Octoblu) Chris Matthieu, and principal technology strategist Chris Witeck, along with their respective teams, to debut our Sandbox Simulator, an augmented reality experience using IoT and the Integration of Everything to demonstrate how Citrix solves complex business problems for our customers.

Sample scenarios in the Simulator will include the Microsoft HoloLens showing user experiences with Citrix; the ability to request and grant StoreFront App approvals based on end user roles with Octoblu workflows; or next-generation IoT applications that could be developed for customers in the hospitality industry, like digitizing whiteboards that communicate information to nurse technicians who can fulfill doctor requests for patients.

Another partnership we’ve established is with Samit Patel, senior director for Worldwide Apps Practice and the Demo Warrior team. This year, in the Sandbox Demo Theater, partners can learn how to present award-winning demos from the champions of the Citrix Demo Warrior 2016 contest. Seats are limited, so be sure to register for the event to claim your seat. 

Demo Theater Sessions are now LIVE!

  • Are you ready to learn deployment and demo best practices?
  • Are you looking to network with peers and Citrix product managers?
  • Are you determined to achieve sales goals?

I invite you to come evaluate and
transform new ideas into reality


It’s all about cloud

To build out our Solution Workstation environment, I’ve partnered with Citrix product teams across all Citrix business units. With support from director, Demo & Cloud Solutions John Carver and his team, we’re leveraging their Citrix Demo Center infrastructure to not only provide cloud-based resources to deliver our Solution Workstation demos, but also to show partners how to get the most value from this tool to acquire and retain customers.

Mayunk Jain, senior technical marketing manager, has a great deal in store to show off XenApp and XenDesktop 7. You’ll love the completely rewritten HDX stack for faster performance on unreliable and distant networks. You’ll see compelling reasons to upgrade immediately to the latest platform, just as  thousands of our partners and customers have done over the past year. All this, while creating a single, secure workspace for your virtual applications and mobile devices.

Concerned about hackers and malware compromising datacenter workloads and gaining access to your corporate data? Marc Trouard-Riolle, senior technical marketing manager, cannot wait to show you how XenServer can protect virtual workloads without any VM agents. Hands down, it’s a much simpler and far more effective solution to deploy and manage than any other virtualization provider.

Our Citrix Cloud team, lead by Khuram Malik, senior product manager, wants your help to improve Citrix Cloud. In addition to showing you how easy it is to manage multiservice Citrix deployments using Citrix Cloud, his team wants to hear your specific use cases and explore how Citrix Cloud can better help you and your customers. If there’s one place at Summit you are guaranteed a two-way dialogue, it’s at the Sandbox.

In the Sandbox, we listen as much as we talk. There’s no better example than the evolution of a new service we’re debuting at Summit, which developed from conversation with Sandbox attendees during Summit 2016 and Synergy 2016. From your feedback, Mathew Varghese, director of Insight and Analytics and his team crafted an experience that enables customers to run health checks on their Citrix environments at the click of a button. Once configured, customers will be able to perform lightweight checks that evaluate the health of all FMS services, checks the availability of all apps and desktops, and provides missing updates. This web-based solution was designed to be a one-stop shop for diagnosing and troubleshooting a customer’s workspace environment.

Also, Adam Omernik and the ShareFile engineering team will show ShareFile’s integration with Microsoft Online Editing features. Customers asked, so now you can show them how to edit and share files hosted on SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business data repositories on desktop and mobile devices and connect to other cloud data repositories like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

These are but a few examples of what we’ll be talking about in the Solutions Demo Sandbox. I invite you to come evaluate and build new ideas into reality. You’ll have 30- 60 minutes per session at our Solution Workstations, so be sure to add them to your schedule.

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