In recent blog posts, we have talked a lot about how to prevent attacks from happening and how to make it more difficult for hackers to infiltrate your environment.

But what about when authorized administrators unknowingly introduce apps that have exploits in them into the environment? It is neither scalable nor foolproof for administrators to manually inspect each application for vulnerabilities. This is where AppDNA can help.

AppDNA is IT Professionals’ Secret Weapon

For example, an exploit could exist in an application that implements OpenSSL 1.0.1 to 1.0.1f. How does an admin determine the version of OpenSSL in the app? They would have to look at the information for the application or dig into the code. This discovery exercise would need to be done on the entire set of applications already deployed in the environment, when any vulnerability is announced. Similarly, a security sweep must be carried out every time a new app is deployed.

AppDNA is the secret weapon for administrators wanting to eliminate the tedium from such a critical process. The new Security and Compliance Manager module in AppDNA version 7.11 automatically scans each application to look for most common vulnerabilities and identify security issues. Some examples include obsolete implementation of a procedure call, debugging functions active in the code, improperly packaged executables, or even older .NET versions that must be replaced.

AppDNA not only detects them, but also suggests resources or steps to resolve the issues.


Peace of mind on “Patch Tuesday”

One of the most popular benefits of AppDNA is how it ensures security compliance on an ongoing basis. Administrators have enough things to consider when applying new patches to Windows, also known as “patch Tuesday.” Add to it the job of validating each of the patched apps to confirm if they ended up with any suspected vulnerabilities. AppDNA takes away all of that complexity by automating those checks in minutes. You get back all of those man hours and confidently move on from one scheduled update to the next.

Patch Readiness Check with AppDNA

AppDNA is now in Citrix Demo Center

Citrix customers and partners have the opportunity to watch all this in action, using the latest release of Citrix Demo Center. In a set of simple and easy to execute demos, you can experience the speed, versatility, and convenience of AppDNA. Contact your Citrix representative to let them know you are interested in the enhanced security module of AppDNA, and they can request a demo environment for you.

Democenter-Select App Virtualization with XenApp MR 2.0

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