Summit 2017 is quickly approaching and, as I start to prepare for my keynote, it’s important to look back before looking forward.

A year ago, Citrix was in flux. We had an interim CEO, a newly formed Global Sales team, and, quite honestly, a lot of churn. Since then, the company has stabilized, exceeding sales targets for the first three quarters of the year. We brought in a dynamic new CEO, Kirill Tatarinov, and have set a clear vision for the company and for products rooted in cloud.

On the partner front, we aimed to do three things: increase your growth, increase your profitability, and provide a predictable, improved engagement between you and our field. We launched Net-New Partner Sourced (NNPS) which is beating targets and by every other partner metric, we are exceeding expectations. We also introduced the new PAM role and converted MDF to SDF. And how did these initiatives turn out? Our P-NPS (Partner Satisfaction) is up 13+ points YoY, a jump that is completely unheard of in the industry. THANK YOU to our partners and industry analysts for recognizing our work for and with you!

So, how does Citrix plan to top such an amazing, transformative year going into FY17?

We listen to you. And we move forward together.

Most of the second half of 2016 was about listening and building our partner cloud strategy together. In order to understand the market and changing dynamics for your businesses, we:

  • hosted focus groups with 50+ partners
  • conducted 1000 partner surveys
  • commissioned 35+ qualitative studies with partners
  • held 30+ analyst meetings

We also listened to you at our annual Platinum Council meetings across the globe. What did we hear?

You like what you’re doing and what we’re doing. You believe in the Citrix vision and are excited about building a business on Citrix and Citrix Cloud.

Growth: Your businesses are growing and you like NNPS. One partner completely redefined their 2016 business plan around NNPS, hiring “hunter” sales reps, and has seen upwards of 20% growth in their business. NNPS allows you to invest in growing your customer base. But I also heard that NNPS alone is not enough to help us uncover white space. We need marketing and demand-gen efforts, and to get the Citrix branding to the mid-market.

Profitability: This is the area I heard the most concern about. You want more information on Cloud. You recognize you need to double down on services, but with Cloud, it may not be the traditional project-based install projects. You’re working to offer managed services in a more predictable way and there is more to come on this, but suffice to say, this is the area I’m most excited about for Summit.

Improved Engagement: You highlighted the stability of the Citrix salesforce and appreciate the increased attention from your PAMs. What you need more support with is the operational components of NNPS and CAR. You need for us to make it easier, simpler and faster. You want to understand the Citrix + Microsoft relationship and how to work with Microsoft.

So based on all that we’ve heard, what’s coming for Summit?

We are still focused on your growth, your profitability and the quality of engagement you’re getting from Citrix.

We’ll share how the journey to cloud is going to require some heavy lifting for all of us, but how it ultimately pays off. We’ll also share what we’re doing around services as well as how you benefit from the Citrix + Microsoft relationship.

In order for all of us to be successful in cloud, we have to make this move together. Join me at Summit 2017 to hear more.

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