The Citrix Workspace IoT Hub is a software-enabled End-User Computing device that can replace a PC or Thin Client with new functions, plus intelligence and connectivity required for Workspace IoT.

This ultimate EUC (End User Computing) device—when combined with Citrix app delivery and the Octoblu IoT platform—allows any organization to modernize their workplace and gain the benefits of leveraging IoT for Digital Transformation.

The Workspace Hub serves multiple use cases that improve user experience, productivity, mobility, security, and collaboration. Functionally, the Hub includes many features:

  • Instant screencasting from any mobile device to any Hub powered display enabled simply by QR Code, Beacon or Swipe
  • IoT Gateway for connecting wired/wireless peripherals, and securely forwarding data
  • Beacon enabled for proximity and location based workflows
  • IoT triggers providing context for users, services and facilities
  • Wireless display dock, providing mirrored or extended display for laptops
  • Programmable LED Notifications for any IoT workflow
  • Conference room display Hub with instant screen casting
  • And yes, it is also a high performance Thin Client optimized for HDX app delivery


Hub Software:

  • Citrix Receiver – Allows the Hub to operate as a Hybrid Thin Client
  • Hub Services
  • – HDX Casting that redirects video output from Mobile device to Hub
    – Virtual Channels that enable Hub keyboard/mouse/peripherals
    – Beacon Proximity service enabling Mobile Authentication with Hub session roaming

  • Hub Launcher App – Enables device lockdown, management, and multi-function services
  • Octoblu Connector – Allows IoT triggers, workflows, and data forwarding

HDX Pi + Hub Software + Octoblu = Workspace IoT Hub

Citrix recently announced the HDX Ready Pi (available via Viewsonic and MicroCenter) as a high-performance, low-cost PC or Thin Client alternative. This same device is also an ideal platform for the features of Workspace Hub. That means the current HDX Ready Pi could be upgradable in the future to significantly expand its functionality (disclaimer: this is not a roadmap or commitment). The HDX Ready Pi management software enables a full firmware update remotely. The low cost of the unit (below $90USD) means they can go everywhere there is a display. The Citrix vision is to Hub-enable every desktop and office display, creating the ideal app delivery endpoint with IoT intelligence.

The success of the Raspberry Pi platform has been amazing, recently exceeding 10 Million units shipped. In addition to the Citrix innovations listed above, there is an entire ecosystem of developers and makers that have enhanced the Raspberry Pi with software and hardware solutions that can be leveraged by Workspace Hub. Some 3rd party office examples include; webcam servers, proximity sensors and print servers. (NOTE: we also intend to Hub enable other partner devices and OSs, but Pi will be the first).

The HDX Hub can be deployed across multiple industries and use cases. We have seen particular interest from the Healthcare vertical, as well as large organizations that have “Workplace Transformation” initiatives. Both of these are great examples of how Workspace IoT will shape the future of work. Currently, the Workspace Hub is in alpha testing with a few select customers providing valuable, real-world feedback.

Stay tuned for more details and follow up posts including:

  • The Workspace IoT Hub for Digital Transformation of the modern office
  • The Healthcare Hub and Workspace IoT

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