This post is in anticipation of the Cerner Corporation 2016 Annual Health Conference in Kansas City on November 14-17, 2016. Citrix, Cerner and Nutanix have a lot of great news to share at this event.

As a global leader in healthcare information technologies, Cerner strives to give its clients intelligent choices that enable them to better manage their IT enterprises. When you become a Cerner client, not only are you installing a world-class electronic medical record (EMR), but also you are gaining access to a knowledgebase comprised of insights gleaned from thousands of successful deployments at healthcare organizations around the world.

To this end, Cerner has partnered with Citrix and Nutanix to offer a powerful integrated stack. The joint hyperconverged VDI solution enables seamless delivery of Cerner Millennium to clinicians. The best part is that the partner solution is proven – having been successfully deployed to the toughest of tough clients – their own Cerner labs.

And if managing a hybrid cloud is an integral part of your deployment, you can rest easy regarding that too. Nutanix was the first partner to qualify as a Citrix Ready resource within the Citrix Cloud.

Our studies have shown that the Nutanix hyperconverged system preloaded with XenDesktop enables deployment of Citrix virtual desktops in under 30 minutes! Even better, the workspace easily can be managed from the Citrix virtualization console.

Cerner’s goal is to remove the complexities inherent in a traditional infrastructure, including the challenges relevant to storage arrays supporting VDI. The Nutanix and Citrix solution will help IT leaders drastically improve scalability as they take on additional users through partnerships and mergers and acquisitions. By adding one Nutanix node at a time, clients buy only what they need when they need it. The unparalleled joint engineering that has been executed by Nutanix and Citrix also creates a high level of integration and contributes to making this solution seamless to integrate and deploy. Finally, the combined capabilities delivered by the joint partners’ support Cerner Instant Access. The net result is an improved user experience that enables clinician mobility and results in faster more efficient workflows.

At Cerner, we’re committed to delivering world-class experiences for our clients. Using Citrix app and desktop virtualization technologies paired with Nutanix Hyper Converged Infrastructure, enables secure desktops across the care continuum and in conjunction with Cerner’s Instant Access solution optimizes the workflow experience reducing the time it takes to get to the point of productivity while ensuring patient privacy, organization security compliance, reducing costs and the traditional complexity to implement. – Josh Rodgers, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, Cerner Corporation

The bottom line? We believe this is one of the best virtualization platforms available to address healthcare computing needs, including

  • VDI for total user mobility
  • Out-of-the-box server virtualization and private cloud enables superior collaboration
  • Superior disaster recovery capabilities
  • Lower costs for operations and equipment
  • A pay-as-you-grow model