Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offers critical benefits to IT, including a more secure, more manageable and centralized desktop management. However, due to the increased complexities and high costs, amongst other factors, the VDI adoption has been slow. Optimization of user experience and maximization of capabilities is required along with easing the management complexities and ensuring data security to increase adoption.

Pure Storage products deliver a superior VDI experience by pairing perfectly with Citrix XenDesktop and offer a range of benefits including data reduction, scalability, mission-critical resiliency, and simplified management.

As a Citrix Ready partner, Pure Storage has been collaborating with Citrix to improve the productivity and growth in Citrix environments while reducing the cost and complexity. Together Citrix and Pure Storage have jointly tested and designed customer proven solutions to meet the needs of Mobile workspaces.

In this guest blog, Ray Mar, Citrix Business Lead at Pure Storage, talks about their winning Spotlight video and how their storage product helps customers overcome their ‘VDI Frenzy’.


Have you ever heard of Mario Brothers, Zelda, Donkey Kong….?  These were heroes and heroines of the 8-bit video games my generation used to play on popular vintage gaming systems like the Atari. Even though we argued with our parents over the hours upon hours we spent playing these games, we somehow knew they weren’t a waste of time, as our parents probably have said to all of us, right?

But who would have thought these games would become the inspiration for our Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest 2016 submission? Pure Storage is excited and honored to be named a winner of this year’s contest.

What we wanted to show in this quick video is how our beloved Citrix VDI admins can become the heroes for their organizations by using Citrix app and desktop virtualization along with Pure Storage.


Although we have many customers who have benefited from our joint solution, what is it that makes Pure Storage a preferred storage platform for Citrix customers? By choosing Pure as your “power play”, your VDI admins get a storage platform that is Effortless, Efficient, and Evergreen. These are the key tenets of what makes Pure distinct in the market.

Pure Storage customer’s superior experience has been further validated by the recently updated Satmetrix-Certified Net Promoter Score of 83.5 – ranking Pure among the top one percent of Satmetrix-audited scores across consumer and enterprise businesses. Next time, the companies tout their numbers – ask them if they are Satmetrix-certified scores.

Pure is also proud and honored to be positioned as a LEADER for a third year in Gartner’s third annual Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays, see the full report here. And considering Pure Storage has been shipping product for less than four years, three years running is pretty darn good.

So if you are still living in a VDI Frenzy world, don’t fear! Pure Storage with Citrix is here to save the day! Special thanks to the Citrix Ready team for an awesome program in which we are honored to be an active participant.

To find out more about Pure Storage’s Citrix Ready verified storage offering, visit our Citrix Ready Marketplace.