When did you first implement a virtualization technology? Has it been 5 years? Maybe 10 years? Times have changed – and your business demands have changed as well.

When you first implemented virtualization, you may have been trying to deliver one critical app or a handful of key applications to a specific user segment.5 signs it's time for a digital workspace

You recognized the value of providing complete virtual desktops to large user segments and expanded to desktop virtualization.

Along the way, you may have chosen chose a separate vendor for mobility management, found your line of business buyers may have purchased some file sharing tools, and perhaps pursued a public cloud for a few initiatives.

Your overall approach to delivering access to users may be disjointed, hard to manage and expensive.

It’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate your user needs, business demands, and how technology has evolved.

Five signs it’s time for a digital workspace

Do you recognize these five signs in your environment? If the answer is YES, it’s time for a digital workspace.

  • Workers are demanding more access, from more locations
  • You need to enable full productivity on any type of mobile device—including smartphones and tablets, not just laptops
  • Consumer-grade mobile apps and file sharing services are poking holes in your security stance
  • Document sharing is out of control – and you need a secure way to manage file sharing
  • Multiple vendors are causing headaches when you patch together solutions for app delivery, data, mobility and networking

You’ve already seen the benefits of virtualization. Is your organization now ready to expand to meet today’s demands for secure delivery of apps, desktops and data on any device?

It’s time for an integrated digital workspace.

First virtualization, now a digital workspace

Traditional virtualization shops are now expanding to the complete digital workspace, including:

  • App and desktop virtualization
    • Workers benefit with a fast, high performance user experience for any app
    • IT benefits with central management of apps, flexibility and security controls
  • Enterprise file sync and sharing (EFSS)
    • Workers benefit with access to business data and files anywhere, on any device
    • IT benefits with full security, control and compliance
  • Enterprise mobility management (EMM)
    • Workers benefit with a consistent, seamless and high-quality experience for any type of app—Windows, SaaS, web or mobile
    • IT benefits with flexible controls to keep sensitive data safe
  • Networking
    • Workers benefit with high performance and an unobtrusive security experience
    • IT benefits with scalability, performance and access control

Organizations are expanding to Citrix Workspace Suite, an integrated solution for secure app and data delivery. IT can securely deliver Windows, Linux, SaaS and mobile apps, as well as data, without needing to navigate between different vendor solutions. IT can manage and support the application, desktop and mobile infrastructure with just one vendor.

Read more about recognizing the five signs it’s time for a digital workspace in this new white paper (no registration required).

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