CloudYou’ve heard a lot about Citrix Cloud – and now, at Citrix Summit 2017, you’ll be able to learn about it first-hand.

Citrix Cloud is the fastest, simplest, and most flexible approach to creating and delivering secure mobile workspaces. So, deploying and integrating virtual desktops, applications, storage and mobility services is now easier than ever.

Citrix Cloud was built with our partners in mind – it’sa great platform for Citrix partners because it helps speed the demo and sales cycle, facilitates service creation, and provides the flexibility to deploy on any infrastructure or cloud that customers deem best.

There will be dozens of valuable cloud-related sessions at Summit, but here are 5 sessions I highly recommend you attend:

Sell With Confidence

TECH208: Confidence in the Cloud – Uptime and Availability for the Integrated Apps and Desktop Suite

In this definitive session, you’ll learn Citrix Cloud underpinnings, our approach to reliability, and designing for high availability with the cloud. We’ll begin with the platform and services, and how they span locations, datacenters and clouds. We’ll then give an operational overview as well as how product updates and features are rolled out. And finally, we’ll explore the Citrix Cloud Connector, and how to use it in high-availability configurations. Achieve the highest value for your customers with the Citrix Cloud Integrated Apps and Data Suite, the cloud equivalent to Citrix Workspace Suite. Citrix product Sales Engineers will provide an overview of all services and even transition options from on-premises deployments.

Provide More Value

SELL102: Partner Value and ROI of Citrix Cloud

Citrix Cloud is specifically designed to offer partners more value than ever. We’ll give a detailed overview of how the cloud will help you stay closer to your customers, speed your sales cycle and expand post-sale services and cross-selling. We’ll illustrate how to identify cloud sales opportunities, buyer attributes and key compelling events to help you focus on the right customers with the right solutions. Finally, we’ll look at the Citrix Cloud roadmap, what partners and customers can expect, and what Citrix partners should be preparing for over the next few years.

Learn What’s Under the Covers

TECH307: Identity, Security, Availability – Best Practices with Citrix Cloud

How does Citrix Cloud securely handle identity and customer data? Ever wonder how to simplify identity management and end-user single sign-on across products and services? This technical deep dive explores the future of identity across Citrix services. We’ll discuss the Citrix Cloud identity strategy and roadmap, and you’ll meet the architects behind the ‘One Citrix’ login across and Citrix Cloud. You’ll also see demos of Azure AD and Azure AD Connect, as well as using Okta through Azure AD and 2-factor authentication through AzureAD.

Learn Deployment Options

SELL214: Citrix Cloud-Managed HCI Workspace Appliances for Mid-Market

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) appliances make infrastructure simple to deploy but they don’t do enough to make the key workload—namely XenApp and XenDesktop—easy to deploy and manage. This session will cover a new concept in HCI systems primarily targeted at the mid-market: the HCI Workspace Appliance. This solution enables deployment and management from HCI layers up to and including XenApp and XenDesktop, Virtual Machine images and more by leveraging several Citrix Cloud components already available. Join this session to learn how the workspace appliance fits with Citrix Cloud and the ecosystem partners helping Citrix make it happen.

Learn from Others

TECH207: XenDesktop and Citrix Cloud – Experiences from the Field

As companies move to a cloud-first deployment model, they need to consider how to provide applications and desktops in the cloud while still leveraging resources within their own datacenters as well as from other SAAS providers. Join Citrix Consulting to learn how our customers are deploying Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop technologies in the cloud through experiences from the field and leading practice guidance. We’ll discuss hybrid and full-cloud deployments, leveraging both Citrix Cloud and forklift deployments in Azure and Amazon Workspace Services (AWS).

Besides these breakout sessions, there are many more deep-dive sessions to attend, and many Demo Sandbox opportunities where you can work directly with the technologies and the professionals who created them.

Make sure you set aside ample time to learn about Citrix Cloud, the newest Citrix workspace delivery platform. Register for Citrix Summit today.

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