Whether you already have a XenApp 7 deployment up and running, or you are looking ahead at 2017 as the year to upgrade to XenApp 7, here are 7 reasons why your upgrade to XenApp 7 project is much more than a maintenance update.

XenApp 7 is here to help you deliver a powerful digital workspace for every user regardless of their job role or location.

Fast Ramp to Cloud Service

1-ramp-to-cloudDid you know that Citrix uses the same code base for XenApp and XenDesktop on-premises and the cloud service? By making the move from XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7 today, your app and desktop workloads are positioned for a quick transition to the XenApp and XenDesktop service on Citrix Cloud.

Cloud Flexibility

2-cloud-flexibilityRun app workloads on-premises or burst into popular public clouds.  Once you are running XenApp 7, you can deploy virtual app workloads on popular public clouds like Azure or AWS side-by-side with your existing on-premises app workloads so you can leverage the elasticity of the cloud for a new M&A, incoming class of students, seasonal workers or contractor projects.

Image Management for Everyone                   

3-image-managementMachine Creation Services is in every edition of XenApp 7, making it easier for you to manage one master server image and rapidly provision it on-demand to increase capacity. With new RAM optimizations, your new XenApp server images can utilize local RAM instead of expensive shared storage resulting in up to an 80% reduction in storage costs. 

Optimized User Experience

4-user-experienceUsers instantly realize enhanced visual quality and performance from apps and desktops hosted on XenApp 7. With extensive user experience enhancements to the remote display, 2D and 3D graphics rendering, unified communications integration and more, the overall user experience is distinctly enhanced.

Expanded Use Cases

5-use-casesDeliver Windows and Linux virtual apps or easily transition to VDI. XenApp 7 is the first version to support Linux virtual apps and desktops side-by-side with Windows resources. If the move to VDI is right for you, a simple license change enables your XenApp site to instantly become a XenDesktop site for ultimate app and desktop flexibility. 

Extend and Secure User Access

6-secure-user-accessSecure, enterprise-scale identity access management across all your apps and desktops. XenApp is the go-to tool for contractor, partner, or newly acquired employee app access. Now Federated Authentication Services simplifies and secures user access while maintaining IT control.

Easier Future Upgrades

7-future-upgradesMaking the move to XenApp 7 will be your last major upgrade.  Now adding apps for a new OS, like Server 2016, is a breeze. Only XenApp 7 can seamlessly manage apps across multiple operating systems and multiple public clouds from one common console.

Don’t just upgrade to XenApp 7—rethink your app and desktop delivery strategy. You have made an investment in Citrix and XenApp, and making the move to XenApp 7 delivers more features and functionality than ever before—enabling you to deliver a complete digital workspace experience for every user. Make 2017 the year for XenApp 7. Get started today at citrix.com/xenapp/upgrade.

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