Coming very soon: XenMobile client 10.4.1 delivers a new public app store distribution model for the XenMobile apps. We think our customers are going to love it.

Previously, the only XenMobile app in the public app stores was Secure Hub, formerly known as Worx Home. All of the other apps, like Secure Mail, Secure Web and Secure Forms, etc. were only available from the Citrix customer download pages. This meant that with every new client release—and they’re coming pretty fast these days—IT admins would have to rewrap all of the apps.

Public app store distribution simplifies deployment while eliminating the requirement of wrapping the apps. This saves IT a lot of time.


As you can see in the image above, many of the steps required to update an app are now completed by Citrix. You no longer have to wrap the app, manage the Secure Mail APNs cert and provisioning profile, and download the .ipa or .apk files.

All that is needed is to grab the .mdx file for each app from the Citrix download page and deploy to the XenMobile Server. Additionally, you can or add MDX policies and push the public app store app to the device via MDM.

One thing that’s important to point out is that this new deployment model has built-in compatibility support between the app files and .mdx files. This means that if the end-user updates to the latest version of the app before IT updates the .mdx file, nothing will break.  And vice versa, if IT updates the .mdx file but the user hasn’t updated the app on the device, again, nothing will break.

Customers have been asking for this, so we fully expect this new deployment model to be a big hit.

That being said, existing customers are going to have to wait just a little bit longer. We are currently recommending the app store distribution for new installs only. Our next client release will include an in-app migration solution which allows existing customers to migrate to the new model.

The in-app migration guide allows IT to set a migration policy to “on”. Once turned on, the XenMobile Server will remove the old enterprise distribution version of the app and replace it with the public app store version of the app.


Within Secure Mail, the end-user will also have the opportunity to save and export their preferences via email. Once the new app is installed, the user simply opens their email and clicks on the attached file, which will automatically reset the app to their previous settings. The screen shots below show what this will look like to then end-user.



Don’t forget, the migration features aren’t available until our next release.  For the next 12-months we will support BOTH public app store and enterprise distribution models for XenMobile apps.

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