2017 Citrix Technology Professional Applications Close October 31.


CTP qualifications

The Citrix CTP Program was established eleven years ago to acknowledge and reward those individuals who had contributed to the Citrix community at large and had invested their time to improve the technical expertise of others and help drive innovation and value in the more cutting edge installations globally. It provides the selected candidates with NDA access to information and the ability to help shape some of Citrix’s upcoming product releases.

We are looking for passion, dedication and selflessness in our CTP members, and, to be honest, a little bit of the star quality that makes them leaders in their respective fields.

If you feel you have what it takes to join this group of elite professionals, you should know a few things about the program.

  1. There are a maximum of 50 members in any given year – this is to ensure that we can give the most personalized access possible
  2. We review our CTP class annually to make sure that we are constantly building out the program and showcasing all skills
  3. We said dedication, right? – All applications need to be filled out in full!
  4. All applications are reviewed by the Citrix engineering and CTP teams, as well as by current CTPs
  5. The references provided are checked
  6. New for 2017: The CTP program annual ‘contributions’ scorecard will include professional and personal activities that benefit the broader Citrix community, which stretches more broadly than the MyCuGC.com community
  7. The award is based on approximately 50% “community contribution” – giving to the community without expecting anything in return; and 50% technical expertise – just look at the activities of the current CTPs for guidance

At Citrix Synergy 2016,

  • 45 of the 50 CTPs attended and participated in 57 Synergy scheduled activities with 6,835 attendees. 23 CTPs led 19 sessions.
  • CTPs submitted 61 sessions!
  • CTP activities on Twitter created 17 million total impressions
  • AND, they attended two days of intense, face-to-face, technical meetings with Citrix Product and Engineering teams.
  • (They were very tired!)




  • The heart and soul of Citrix
  • Sharing, innovation, paying it forward, inspiration, support, passion, etc.
  • Shared ownership of success


So, get out there and give back to the Citrix technology community! Get noticed for your technical and voluntary expertise!

You CAN do it!

The application link and eligibility information are available here: https://www.citrix.com/community/ctp.html

31 October, 2016 Applications close for 2017 CTP class

Deadline for current CTPs to submit their annual CTP contributions spreadsheets for peer review

3 November, 2016 CTP candidate application reviews begin
18 November, 2016 CTP candidate short list identified and validated
24 January, 2017 Email invitations to 2017 CTP finalists (expected to be approximately 2 or 3 this year)
27 January, 2017 Receive acceptances, NDA and Code of Conduct confirmations from all CTPs (new and current)
31 January, 2017 Public announcement of 2017 CTP class
1 February, 2017 New CTP onboarding begins

P.S. The CTP Program Award is open to Citrix customers, independent Citrix experts, consultants and partners. The award is for the individual.

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